Jin Biao eliminated Nangong Fang's subordinates with one enemy, and the toxin accelerated due to internal force, spreading all over his body in a blink of an eye. Yun Xiang supported Jin Biao and rushed to the pier to join his fellow disciples. Unexpectedly, Jin Biao's mind became more and more uncontrollable, Kou Yuanjie's order echoed repeatedly in his ears, and he rushed towards Yun Xiang with a big knife.

Seeing this, the brothers of the same school dragged Jin Biao to ensure that Yunxiang boarded the ship smoothly and covered him to leave. Seeing Jin Biao being chased and seriously injured by the officers and soldiers, Yun Xiang felt like a knife was twisting his heart. Jin Biao recovered his mind and stopped the officers and soldiers. The fighting scene was extremely tragic. At the last moment, Jin Biao fell to the ground with a crash. He was glad that Yunxiang's life would not be in danger again, and when he was dying, he missed Shantang's children and Tianhu. A pair of black boots came in front of Jin Biao, and a lot of blood was sprayed on the ground.

Yunxiang went back to Nandu to find someone to rescue Jin Biao, but it was too late, the whereabouts of Jin Biao's body was unknown, only the scabbard was left behind, and the surface of the scabbard was stained with blood, which shows Jin Biao's tragic experience. Holding the scabbard, Yun Xiang returned to the room in a daze, sitting at the table sadly, recalling how heroic Jin Biao was when he was alive, but in the end he lost his life to save himself, feeling remorse and self-blame.

On weekdays, Yunxiang strategizes, and in Jin Biao's eyes, Yunxiang is affectionate and righteous, but he can't afford these four words because he only has one word "benefit" in his heart. Jin Biao's tragic death made Yunxiang wake up, and after the funeral, he poured two glasses of wine and worshiped him in the air. From then on, he was regarded as the eldest brother. Su Mingyu, Ke Menglan and others stood at the door and saw this scene, feeling very uncomfortable.

Soon Yun Xiang cheered up again, and based on his memory, he drafted a new list and sent it to Fu Wang's Mansion, but was told that he had gone to Loukong. Liu Gongquan personally meets with Yunxiang and tells the truth about the Luojiazhuang tragedy. It turned out that there were eight officials in the imperial court impeaching King Fu. Later, without exception, the eight officials were all ransacked and wiped out their homes. It can be seen that the root cause was not the work of Nangong Fang alone, and the real mastermind was most likely Fu Wang.

Liu Gongquan decided to follow the previous agreement and ask Yunxiang to help him do one thing, which is to control King Fu's power and secretly investigate his criminal evidence. Now the emperor began to be afraid of King Fu, just because King Fu harbored evil intentions, Chen Cang had been hiding in the dark for many years, and his forces were intertwined. If he was provoked, there would be a bloodbath. The people suffered from wars.

At this time, the head of the Yuntai sect summoned the disciples to return to the gate. On the other hand, Kou Yuanjie got the list of properties released by Nangong, and immediately handed it to Kou Yan to ask for credit. Kou Yan was afraid that Yuntai would get this list, and planned to take Nangong Fang's property privately in advance, but Shu Yanan felt that Nangong Fang's city was extremely deep, so naturally he would not let him get the list so easily, maybe there was another conspiracy.

Yunxiang knew the cause of the Luojiazhuang case, and in order to avoid compromising the Su family, she transferred all her assets to Su Mingyu and Ke Menglan, including the shantang that Tianhu was managing. After Yunxiang bid farewell to Su Mingyu and others solemnly, he packed his bags and got on the carriage, watching the plaque of Lianshengfang getting farther and farther away, feeling mixed feelings in his heart.

At the same time, the head of the Yuntai sect urgently recruited the powers stationed in various places, including Yunxiang and Mo Bufan. On the way back to Yuntai, Mo Bufan revealed to Yunxiang that the sky might change soon, and it is rumored that the sect master will reveal his identity this time and reveal his true face. In addition, Ling Yuan was invited to form an alliance with Yuntai, but he didn't know that these were already in King Fu's plan.

At the beginning, Fu Wang and Yun Xiang's cooperation was just to deceive people's eyes and ears, deliberately designed to make them believe in the robber Zhang Bo, so that Kou Yan could send out all the elite around him, and then was surrounded and suppressed by Nangong Yangzhou defenders with firearms. Knowing his father's conspiracy, Princess Mingzhu began to suspect that King Fu himself had something to do with Ling Yuan. King Fu simply admitted that he had become the biggest hidden danger to the court.


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