The secret meeting between King Fu and Nangong Fang was exposed, and he was also uneasy after returning. King Fu always thought that Nangong Fang was a shrewd businessman. Judging from yesterday's situation, it cannot be ruled out that Nangong Fang is related to Ling Yuan's people. King Fu treats this person very much. Reliance, in the past, Nangong Fang helped him escape several times when he was in danger, and even helped him manage all his property. Once he got rid of Nangong Fang, he couldn't find such a handy person to help him take care of the property.

Mingzhu understands her father's thoughts, since Nangongfang is unreliable, Mingzhu recommends Yunxiang to her father. Shu Yanan asked Nangongfang to rescue Yuewu, but Nangongfang not only broke his promise, but killed Yuewu himself. She blamed Nangongfang for going back on his word, but Nangongfang thought it was wise to abandon the car to save the pawn.

In the middle of the night, Shu Yanan had no choice but to go to Jin Biao. She knew Nangong Fang's methods, so she paid a lot of money to hire Jin Biao to protect Yunxiang's safety. Benefiting from Yunxiang's benefits, Jin Biao would not just sit idly by. He immediately packed his luggage, bid farewell to Tianhu and went to Lianshengfang. Before leaving, he entrusted the older children to help Tianhu lead his younger brothers and sisters to study hard.

Seeing Jin Biao coming back, Yunxiang immediately understood that Shu Yanan must have let him come here. Sure enough, Jin Biao asked Yunxiang what happened this time. Now that Jin Biao already has Jishantang, Yunxiang concealed the truth and let Jin Biao do not worry. Mo Bufan’s Guanghui Village’s money has been taken away. Originally, he and Guan Pirates had an appointment to hand over the silver taels this evening. Guan Pirates said that they had just robbed a large amount of silver taels recently. The pirate's money can not only launder the money, but also help Guanghuizhuang to tide over the difficulties.

Mo Bufan had calculated everything, but he did not expect that the Guan pirates did not come that night, so the planned money did not arrive. Now the warehouse is seriously short of money, and it will be completely exposed when someone comes to withdraw the money when it opens the next day. Yunxiang came to Guanghuizhuang, heard about Mo Bufan's situation, and knew that they were being tricked by Nangongfang again. At this time, Mo Bufan was still worried about Guan Haikou. The two of them had worked hand in hand for decades in business, and they could be regarded as life-and-death friends. He didn't expect that Guan Haikou was the one who beat him hard in the end.

Guan Haikou was cautious and did not dare to collude with Ling Yuan's people, and now he disappeared, he must have encountered a master. Yunxiang reminded Mo Bufan that now is not the time to think about it, people from Nangongfang will come to collect debts soon, and now it is time to think of a countermeasure. Originally, Yunxiang planned to move Mo Bufan's remaining fifty thousand taels of silver into the house. The Su family avoided disaster, but they didn't expect that just after the silver was loaded into the car, there was a bustling sound at the door, many big depositors came, and they came to exchange the silver in the middle of the night, and it was Nangongfang who led these people.

These people came prepared, and those who came to cash the silver were even more ruthless. Seeing that the situation was over, Mo Bufan let those people rob the last little money left in order to escape.

The imperial court removed the title of head of the Su Family Chamber of Commerce, but did not allow the Su Family to completely withdraw from the business, so there is still a chance for fair competition. Su Mingyu is carefully considering the fabrics of the Su Family, hoping to win the general election. , he felt that only Silkworm Wing Weaving could best represent the superb spinning skills of the Su family. Now that Mo Bufan's chamber of commerce has gone bankrupt, the Su family wanted to borrow some silver taels from their former friends, but those friends avoided hearing about what happened to the Su family.

Shu Yanan was entrusted by Nangong Fang to come to Su's house. Su Mingyu already knew Shu Yanan's new employer, and asked her why she came. Shu Yanan told Nangong Fang that he wanted to buy Su's silkworm wing weaving craft. After mastering the skill of weaving, he will not give it up to villains.


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