Since the post road ahead was destroyed and impassable, the caravan took a break in the nearby forest for the time being. That night Jin Biao slept soundly against the tree, which made Yun Xiang feel a little more at ease, which meant that the other party was still confident in dealing with these crises. Shu Yanan saw that Yun Xiang had kung fu, otherwise how could he easily dodge the crossbow arrows, and wondered why he paid a lot of money to hire Jin Biao to escort him. Yun Xiang frankly told that this set of exercises was a bit flawed, but she refused to tell the location of the Gate of Fate.

While talking, Su Mingyu wandered over with a jug in his hand, expressing his troubles through drunkenness. Since my father's death, the eldest sister Su Huairou has taken care of all the family business, but Su Mingyu is Su's eldest son after all, and sooner or later she will take over the position of the imperial merchant. Su Mingyu's ambition is not to go into business, but his lifelong wish is to walk the world with his sword and become a master of the generation.

At this moment, a large number of bandits suddenly attacked the caravan. Shu Yanan and Jin Biao fought back with all their strength. Yun Xiang showed his unique skill of escaping ten breaths for the first time. As the name suggests, although he is agile and fast, he can only last ten breaths. The housekeeper Qian Rong saw that these people were not path-cutters, but more likely to come to hunt down Yunxiang, so Yunxiang pointed the finger at the conflict between the Su family and the Cao Gang with clever words, making Qian Rong dubious.

Su Mingyu was obsessed with martial arts, became friends with Jin Biao, and practiced martial arts on the way. Originally, Su Mingyu thought that Jin Biao's saber mage was inherited from the Wu family in the northern capital, but the Wu family's saber art, the Hanging Rock Twelve Styles, is airtight, not as fast as lightning to win quickly. On the other hand, Shu Yanan's moves seem to be ghostly and tricky, but in fact they focus on defense rather than attack. Su Mingyu instantly thought of the Shu family's star-drawing knife in the southern capital.

As soon as this remark came out, both Shu Yanan and Jin Biao were secretly surprised. They didn't expect that this young man who couldn't resist his shoulders and hands couldn't lift his hands, still had some ink in his stomach. Su Mingyu hit it off with the two at first sight, and said that after arriving in Nandu, he would do his best as a landlord, but he ignored Yunxiang who was standing behind him.

Zhang Kui's defeat caused numerous deaths and injuries to his brothers. Qi Tianfeng ordered a generous burial and gave him one last chance to make up for his mistakes. Su Huairou, the daughter of Su's parents, flipped through the books in the study, gradually understanding Qian Rongsu's hard work, and hoped that his younger brother could take up the responsibility sooner.

After the caravan arrived in Nandu, Su Mingyu first brought Sanxia to Wen Cong's famous industry, Lianshengfang, and finally saw the female blogger Ke Menglan who was thinking about it day and night. When Wen Cong was in his heyday, his assets were all over Nandu. Once he lost his power, the merchants in Nandu were like wolves and tigers grabbing the property.

Shu Yanan was curious about what Yunxiang's keeping Lianshengfang had to do with revenge. Yunxiang didn't answer directly, but asked why she knew Lingyuan martial arts. Regarding this, Shu Yanan said indifferently that he had rescued Ling Yuan's disciples many years ago, and secretly learned his opponent's tricks.

As for the real purpose of coming to Nandu this time, Yun Xiang told Shu Yanan that it was to make Qi Tianfeng and the Cao Gang disintegrate. Naturally, Shu Yanan was needed to help each other to fulfill their responsibilities and learn from each other's strengths. Yunxiang knew that the business field was basically a series of debts. Since these merchants were not benevolent, he didn't need to treat each other with courtesy, and simply recovered all the debts. The effect would depend on Shu Yanan's methods.

Jin Biao likes to gamble but is not good at gambling. He loses to Ke Menglan one after another, loses all his money in a blink of an eye, and owes a total of sixty taels of gold on credit. Just when Jin Biao questioned Su Mingyu's intention of bringing him to the gambling hall, Yunxiang came forward to bet against Ke Menglan, and helped Jin Biao win back the lost silver taels in one game. Afterwards, in order to repay Yun Xiang, Jin Biao was willing to kill people at half the price, and Yun Xiang asked Jin Biao to stay by his side as a bodyguard and pay him every day.

Seeing that Lianshengfang was about to be auctioned, Ke Menglan felt very uncomfortable, and worried that the change of owner of the gambling hall would cause the sisters to lose their shelter. Su Mingyu saved up 3,000 taels of silver to participate in the auction of Lianshengfang, claiming that he would never let Ke Menglan be displaced, but he failed to fulfill his promises many times before.


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