Yun Xiang was drinking by the river when he suddenly heard Shu Yanan's voice. He was in a trance, yelling that Shu Yanan was still haunted. Hearing Shu Yanan said that he had something important to visit tonight, Yun Xiang thought of the people who lay between them. With so much resistance, I couldn't help but burst into tears.

Now that Shu Yanan's identity has been confirmed, Yun Xiang said that she has been suspicious since she first saw her in Yan Luowang's gambling shop, because all these are too coincidental and unreasonable, even though she knows that Shu Yanan has been using him to eliminate dissidents, Yun Xiang Xiang is willing to be used. Although the backgrounds represented by the two people are incompatible, Shu Yanan has never harmed him, so in Yunxiang's view, this person is worth it. Sometimes he can't help but guess that if anyone in Yuntai , is it true that Shu Yanan is still repeating the old tricks. Shu Yanan's eyes were red, and when she heard that Yun Xiang wanted to start over, she resolutely said that it was impossible, and now Kou Yan ordered her to stay by Nangong Fang's side, so they are now standing on opposite sides, starting tomorrow, they will be enemies.

After Shu Yanan exposed Nangong Fang's identity to Yun Xiang, he wiped his tears and walked away. Shu Yanan has always been decisive in doing things, and he came here to call Yun Xiang with important information, just to remind him.

In the middle of the night, Mo Bufan was woken up by a loud noise. He and Kang Qiao went out, only to see that several shops opposite his bank had been refurbished, and the signboard of Dafenghao was hung up. Nangongfang greeted him and was about to Open a bank here. Mo Bufan didn't know the details of Nangong Fang, and even laughed at the other party's overestimation. As a result, early the next morning, Mo Bufan was dumbfounded. This "Great Wind" bank was completely renovated overnight, and it opened the next day. There was a long line of people who came to save money at the door. From then on, Guanghui Village was deserted and deserted, so Mo Bufan couldn't help but rushed to Dafeng Bank to have a look, and found that the policy offered by the other party was very favorable. Those who came to deposit money would directly return a percentage of interest according to the amount. Such a favorable deposit method, Many people went to Guanghuizhuang to get back the money that belonged to them, and then deposited it in the "Gale".

According to this speed, Guanghuizhuang will be "emptied", and Mo Bufan began to get angry. Not only Guanghui Village, but the Su family will also suffer soon. The imperial court issued two imperial edicts to the Su family within one day. The property of the Su family was sealed off, and the painstaking efforts of several generations of the Su family were all sealed up. In an instant, the entire building was disintegrated, Su Mingyu was a little dazed, the speed of change was completely unexpected, maybe he offended the government. Yun Xiang hurried over after getting the news, judging from the current situation, Nangong Fang made a move so quickly.

Nangongfang was different from his previous opponents, Yunxiang naturally couldn't be careless, in Yunxiang's room in Lianshengfang, a person came uninvited, this person was Kou Yuanjie, he came here to discuss with Yunxiang to kill Nangongfang. Yunxiang didn't quite understand, so Kou Yuanjie said that Nangongfang's methods were vicious back then, and that the killing of more than 300 people in Luojiazhuang overnight was also Nangongfang's method. Yunxiang has always wanted to catch the murderer who was massacred in Luojiazhuang. Will never sit idly by.

Yunxiang and Kou Yuanjie conspired for a long time. On the second day, Yunxiang went to the dungeon to visit Bi Yuewu in person, saying that Kou Yuanjie was waiting for her outside, and then stuffed her with a sharp weapon and a piece of clothing so that she could find the right time to escape from prison. Bi Yuewu had been by Kou Yuanjie's side for seven years, so she naturally had a deep affection for him. Even if he was arrested and thrown into prison, he would even bite off his tongue in order not to tell the truth. After Bi Yuewu escaped from prison, she came to meet Kou Yuanjie at the agreed place, and Kou Yuanjie spoke softly, which made her completely relax her guard and follow Kou Yuanjie's instructions.

In the middle of the night, King Fu had a dinner with Nangongfang. Bi Yuewu deliberately led the officers and soldiers who were secretly chasing her there according to the agreed time. Wu Die died of blood, and Shu Yanan hated Nangong Fang so much that his teeth itch.


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