Yunxiang spent the whole day drinking to soothe her sorrows. When she woke up early in the morning, she found that she had stepped on the model, annoyed and lost. Liu Gongquan heard through Yunxiang that the officers and soldiers escorting the ship had been found, and was about to ask about his whereabouts, but Yunxiang suddenly changed the subject, saying that the old Tang family account had been unsealed and hoped to be handed over to him.

However, Liu Gongquan looked at Yunxiang's drunken appearance, and doubted what he said. Seeing this, Princess Mingzhu stepped forward to make a rescue, pretending to complain that Yunxiang, as a member of Yuntai, was like a drunkard. Sure enough, Yun Xiang understood the meaning of Princess Mingzhu, and revealed that the officers and soldiers escorting the ship were tied up in Liyun Port in the eastern suburbs of Nandu City.

Afterwards, Yunxiang and Su Mingyu called Mo Bufan and others to discuss, and Mo Bufan found out that Yunxiang made such a fuss in order to take the property of the Tang family. Su Mingyu praised Yunxiang for being smart enough. I'm afraid he had already figured out a countermeasure when he bet against Tang Xiao, and the continuous blows were due to the power of the government, which led to the current situation.

But Su Mingyu is the president of the chamber of commerce after all, and Mo Bufan is also a member of the chamber of commerce. If the two blatantly annex the property of the Tang family, they are afraid of causing criticism from everyone. Yun Xiang said that if he wants to find a solution, he needs Su Mingyu and Mo Bufan to cooperate in acting. When the words fell, Ke Menglan brought over the sweet soup she cooked herself. Knowing that Yunxiang was hurt by love, Mo Bufan deliberately praised the sweetness and deliciousness of the soup in front of him, making Yunxiang unable to bear to look directly at him.

Liu Gongquan captures the escorting officers and soldiers alive, and interrogates one of them to explain the truth of the case. The other party says that they were ambushed and stunned. After waking up, they found that the official bank was missing. According to the description of the escort officers and soldiers, there was a poisonous gas with a fishy smell that day. Liu Gongquan guessed that it should be Ling Yuan's dragon scale incense.

Under Yunxiang's design, Su Mingyu convened a chamber of commerce to count Tang Xiao's numerous crimes in detail, expressing that his whereabouts are unknown now, and he feared that the property under his name would be idle after the unblocking. Mo Bufan took the opportunity to propose to accept the business of the Tang family. If anyone is interested, he can take the property with him. Everyone else thinks it is a loss-making deal. In the end, the two acted together, and it was justifiable to put the property of the Tang family under Mo Bufan's name.

Through this incident, Mo Bufan feels that Su Mingyu has made great progress, obviously he has learned the essence of Yunxiang, one must be sophisticated, and the other must be kind. But Mo Bufan had some doubts about the Yuntai Sect, so he asked Yun Xiang to confess that he was following his whereabouts under the order of the Sect Master, but because of the good relationship between the two, he did not tell the truth. I never received a reply from Yuntai again, lest the sect master had already discovered the whole situation.

Not only that, but Mo Bufan felt that Yuntai was not like before. At the beginning, the court regarded Yuntai as a serious problem, and chased and cleaned it all the way. But at that time, the previous sect masters did not hide their real bodies from the people around them. The relationship with Yuntai has long been eased, and the current sect master's activities are becoming more and more secretive, which is really unsettling. Mo Bufan was concerned that Ling Yuan did not secretly learn the skills of the sect, but was secretly taught by someone in the sect, deliberately blurring the boundaries between the two sects, Yun Xiang thought deeply when he heard the words.

Kou Yan knew that Kou Yuanjie wanted the position of pavilion master, and promised that if he could get close within a few moves, he would give up the position. Kou Yuanjie's martial arts is obviously not Kou Yan's opponent, and because she let herself be humiliated in front of Nangongfang, she feels resentful and kills Kou Yan's cronies who have been with Kou Yan for many years for no reason.

At this time, Shu Yanan and Nangong Fang returned to Nandu in the same carriage, and learned through conversation that his goal this time was to deal with the three most powerful families in Nandu, namely the Su family, Guanghuizhuang and Yuntai Yunxiang. Nangongfang deliberately asks Shu Yanan about Yunxiang's behavior style, so as to analyze Yunxiang's next move. Shu Yanan considers the interests of the family, so he can only cooperate throughout the process.

Yun Xiang is still decadent, often gets drunk, and asks Liu Gongquan why he hasn't made a third deal with him. Liu Gongquan didn't understand why Yunxiang used the power of the government to deal with Ling Yuan. Yunxiang took out the model of the door plaque of Luojiazhuang that he had made by himself, and talked about the murder in Luojiazhuang.

Therefore, Liu Gongquan accepted the third transaction and was willing to thoroughly investigate the truth of the Luojiazhuang case for Yunxiang. He also expressed that if he asked Yunxiang for help one day, he hoped that Yunxiang would definitely help him. Then the two came to the official dungeon, and happened to see the officers and soldiers preventing Yue Wu from biting her tongue and committing suicide.

Jin Biao and Tian Hu continued to take care of the children in Jishantang. Tian Hu found that Jin Biao's wrist was injured, and took the initiative to apply wound medicine to him, and they fell in love with each other. That night when Jin Biao went back to Lianshengfang, he saw Yunxiang drunk, even though he didn't understand what happened to him and Shu Yanan, he tried his best to persuade him. Jin Biao and Yun Xiang confided in each other, expressing that he doesn't want to live the life of a swordsman anymore, and just wants to cherish the present.


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