Shu Yanan left without saying goodbye, and came to the place where he met Yun Xiang alone, but it was a pity that things were already man-made. Yun Xiang was heartbroken, and after getting drunk, she wrote poems to persuade herself, and finally burned them down with fire, sending lovesickness far away with only tears for a thousand lines, this farewell may never see each other again.

Liu Gongquan urges Princess Mingzhu to return to Yangzhou as soon as possible, because King Fu is still facing the saint and has not taken care of Mingzhu, but if she is investigated, she will find out that she has come to Nandu sooner or later. However, Princess Mingzhu doesn't take it seriously, feeling that everyone wants to be born in the royal family to enjoy the dignity, but they don't know that the relationship among the royal family is complicated and intricate, people's hearts are unpredictable, and a little carelessness will lead to disaster.

It is also because Princess Mingzhu grew up in the deep palace and has not completely seen through this layer, so she wants to learn from Liu Gongquan. Liu Gongquan is in a dilemma, one is the order of the Holy Lord, the other is the grace of reinvention. At this time, Yun Xiang suddenly came to Liu Gongquan, saying that the plan had changed and the first transaction was suspended, but the second transaction could be concluded tonight, so he immediately dispatched troops.

Soon the officers and soldiers surrounded Kou Yuanjie's hiding place. To keep him safe, Yuewu decided to lead the officers and soldiers away by taking the risk alone, and hugged Kou Yuanjie with tears in his eyes before leaving. Shadow appeared to follow Yuewu, threatening to make her pay in blood, and then whistled to expose Yuewu's location, successfully attracting Liu Gongquan. Originally, Yuewu wanted to kill herself by biting poison, but Liu Gongquan quickly knocked her out when she saw this.

That night, Yun Xiang came to Shu Yanan's room to see things and think about people. Because he couldn't explain the situation to the people in Lianshengfang, he simply got angry and divided Shu Yanan's things, and asked Ke Menglan to move to this room. The next day, Ke Menglan sent a message to Su Mingyu on Yunxiang's behalf, asking him to meet Mo Bufan. Mo Bufan sighed the whole time, complaining that all the little secrets he had accumulated in his life were revealed by Yunxiang.

The two pretended to buy Gongbu, and just about to question the source of Gongbu, a group of people rushed in and surrounded them. The leader was Guan Haizhu. After some conversation, Guan Haizhu truthfully stated that the konbu came from the Japanese. Su Mingyu promised to give him 5,000 horses at a low price within one year.

Ever since Shu Yanan left, Yun Xiang was drunk every day and became sick with longing, and Ke Menglan sent away the sober soup she cooked. Su Mingyu comforted Yunxiang as someone who had been there, obviously he was the one who pointed him out at the beginning, why he was obsessed with it when it fell on him today. Later, Su Mingyu revealed to Yunxiang that the officers and soldiers used Gongbo as a vote and worshiped as pirates under Guan Haizhu's sect, and he had already negotiated conditions for Guan Haizhu to agree to hand over.

Hearing this, Yunxiang got up and drank the hangover soup, and went to Mo's house alone. At this moment, Mo Bufan heard that Shu Yanan was from Lingyuan Pavilion, and he was furious, angry that Kang Qiao had been full of him for so long. Just as he was talking, Yun Xiang came forward to defend Kang Qiao, and then explained the general situation. He felt that Ling Yun's style of action was different from the past, and their methods were somewhat similar to those of Yuntai.

Mo Bufan hated Yun Xiang when he learned about it, and saw that he was not willing to let Shu Yanan leave at all, and wished to tie him back and stay together forever. Even though Yun Xiangzhi is so close to a monster, he still didn't think that he couldn't pass the love test after all his calculations. Mo Bufan thought that if Shu Yanan was really Ling Yuan's person, Ling Yuan and Yuntai would stand between them for a hundred years. resentment.

Even so, Yun Xiang still has a deep-rooted affection for Shu Yanan, and never hates her for concealing her identity, even if she deceives herself, it doesn't matter. It's a pity that Shu Yanan has no way of knowing Yunxiang's thoughts. She met Kou Yuanjie at the pier. Unexpectedly, Kou Yuanjie knew that Yuewu was in prison and still didn't want to rescue him. He said that Yuewu had been with him for seven years.

Just when Shu Yanan questioned when Kou Yuanjie became so hard-hearted, he suddenly saw his mother Kou Yan coming from a distance, and she brought her siblings and Nangongfang back to Lingyuan. Looking at Nangongfang, Kou Yan angrily scolded Kou Yuanjie for killing Ye Xiao, causing trouble in Nandu, and even warned the couple with flying chopsticks.

Nangong Fang actually took the initiative to say good things for the siblings, thinking that Shu Yanan's approach to the Yuntai sect should be to know himself and the enemy, and the word punishment is out of the question. Kou Yuanjie didn't appreciate Nangong Fang at all, Kou Yan immediately ordered Kou Yuanjie to stop using a few letter seals, and he could return to Jiangbei, and he was not allowed to cross the river without an order.

After Nangongfang and Kou Yuanjie left, Kou Yan talked to Shu Yanan alone, wondering whether she had found a good way to check and balance Nangongfang after three years of absence. Shu Yanan admits that there is no countermeasure at present, and he also knows that Ling Yuan has fought against Yuntai for nearly half a year in order to restore the orthodoxy, and he is afraid that he will be exhausted before his mother succeeds the pavilion master.

So Shu Yanan understood that Kou Yan's good use of Nangong Fang was all for Ling Yuan's sake. This person really contributed a lot, and because of his great ambition, he has gradually encroached and expanded until now, and it is difficult to control. Kou Yan sees that his son is far inferior to his daughter in resourcefulness and scheming, and hopes that Shu Yanan can stay with Nangong Fang. On the bright side, he seems to assist him in his work, and secretly monitors his every move.


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