Yun Xiang came to Mo Bufan to discuss the whereabouts of the silver boat, but found that Mo Bufan was "filling up the shape with shape", feasting on all kinds of hooves. Mo Bufan neglected to be wary of being told by Yun Xiang, and confessed that he used his shadow to monitor the Tang family's gambling house, and he expected to find out the reason with Mr. Shao's ability.

In the next period of time, Kang Qiao sent people who often came and went to the gambling house of the Tang family to follow him, but Kou Yuanjie discovered it, and the female killer Yue Wu was ordered to kill him. Mo Bufan watched the shadows he cultivated so hard being killed, feeling sad and annoyed in his heart, and vowed to capture these people as soon as possible.

Although this clue seems to be interrupted, Yunxiang thinks of a new clue, that is, smelting official ingots requires a large supply of charcoal. If we start with charcoal, we may be able to find out the location of the old nest. Just as Yunxiang was about to leave Mo's house, Kang Qiao suddenly chased him out, saying that the shadows of Mo's family were all born and bred in Nandu, why Shu Yanan was the first to know the clues of the black market, and her real identity is not easy to imagine.

It was under the reminder of Kang Qiao and Mo Bufan that Yun Xiang had doubts about Shu Yanan. After returning to Lianshengfang, Yunxiang asked Shu Yanan to drink on purpose. During the period, he tried many times, saying that he had found out that there was another force from Ling Yuan in Nandu City. Shu Yanan immediately became serious and alert, and asked him how to deal with Ling deep.

That night, Yun Xiang recalled the details of his acquaintance with Shu Yanan alone, and felt that the other party was more and more suspicious. At first, he asked Mo Bufan to investigate the orphan of the Shu family, but later got the news that all the escorts of the Shu family were dead, and there were no survivors left. Shu Yanan's orphan status could not be confirmed.

Combining these details, Yun Xiang believes that Shu Yanan is most likely from Ling Yuan. Then Yunxiang came to Shu Yanan's room to look for her again, but the room was lit, but there was no one there. When she opened the door, she saw a strand of hair falling from the door frame. After all, Yunxiang came from Yuntai, and he is well versed in such methods, which further confirms Shu Yanan's identity.

Shu Yanan personally went to deliver news to Kou Yuanjie, saying that Yunxiang had already spotted the source of the charcoal, and only waited for Ye Xiao to come forward to buy charcoal, so that he could settle the matter as soon as possible. But when Shu Yanan returned to Lianshengfang and found the broken hair on the floor of the room, he instantly realized that Yunxiang had been there, and he doubted himself, feeling pain and conflict in his heart.

Because there is no need for the Tang family gambling house to continue the investigation, Yunxiang and Mo Bufan teamed up to guard near the big charcoal sellers, and soon discovered that someone was buying a large amount of charcoal one after another, so they decided to follow the charcoal cart to find the place where the silver was hidden. Shu Yanan took the initiative to invite Ying to go with him, and Yun Xiang deliberately took Shu Yanan with him just to see what she would do, but it was strange that Shu Yanan gave Mo Bufan the whole process to block the charcoal cart.

The charcoal car was very cunning during its operation, and there were still a few cars that were hidden from view. Yunxiang judged the exact direction and appointed Kang Qiao to follow the convoy, leaving Shu Yanan to entrust the important task. At the same time, Liu Gongquan and Princess Mingzhu were also watching nearby. Princess Mingzhu was really bored, so she simply disguised herself as a man and entered Lianshengfang, but was stopped by Tianhu, saying that the court was about to close the curfew.

Both groups of people were paying close attention to the convoy at night, Shu Yanan noticed Liu Gongquan and the others, and hurriedly informed Yun Xiang of the matter. Mo Bufan was going to grab the boat before those trash, but Shu Yanan thought that Liu Gongquan was the god of the south of the Yangtze River, so he should never act rashly and fight with him openly.

Similarly, Liu Gongquan also noticed that Shu Yanan found himself, the reason why he didn't send someone to capture him was mainly to wait for the opportunity, how could he startle the snake if he was not sure. In the next second, Liu Gongquan arranged for a large number of people to requisition civilian boats and head straight for the boat. Anyone who obstructed or tipped off the news all died tragically.


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