Now the big and small yamen in Nandu City are shuffling each other, not only failing to solve the case, but even delaying the opportunity to solve the case. Su Mingyu spent a lot of money to buy the police from the Yamen, and asked carefully about the whole process of the theft of the tribute silver. When it came to the disappearance of millions of tribute silver, all the officials were silent, and no one had seen the heavy ships carrying goods and silver.

There were more than 30 people in the boat, and a total of more than 130 strong men all disappeared inexplicably, neither alive nor dead. According to Yun Xiang's guess, it is really difficult to guard against self-stealing, abandon his wife and children, and make sure that no news will be leaked. Therefore, Yunxiang believed that there were two groups of robbers in Nandu City at the same time, and their methods were extremely similar and superb, which meant that they were originally the same group, and they must have had other plans to frame Mo Bufan last time.

In fact, Yunxiang really didn't want to talk too much, lest Su Mingyu get involved, but Su Mingyu had no worries, which moved him, and he bluntly regarded her as a close friend. Shu Yanan sat on the corridor to drink away his worries, and heard the conversation between the two one after another, and immediately thought that this incident was done by his younger brother Kou Yuanjie.

On the same day, Kou Yuanjie robbed and killed the official messenger and seized the official documents. Instead of going out of the city directly, he returned to the city to meet Ye Xiao and told him to dispose of the official money into broken silver. Ye Xiao knew that Kou Yuanjie was trying to make things difficult, but because Ling Yuan couldn't offend him rashly, and was afraid of the other party's cruel methods, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and accept the job.

Yun Xiang took the initiative to look for Shu Yanan, but Shu Yanan stayed in the room drinking, turning a deaf ear to his knock on the door. After Yunxiang left, Shu Yanan went to find Kou Yuanjie alone, intending to teach him a lesson, but Kou Yuanjie had no intention of stopping. Shu Yanan took care of his sister and brother's deep love, so he simply placed him in the suburbs and warned him not to do anything to Yunxiang.

Kou Yuanjie really couldn't figure out that his sister would leave Lingyuan three years ago. Shu Yanan was silent for a moment when he heard the words, and simply told a little-known past event. At that time, Ling Yuan fell into civil strife, and the pavilion owner Kou Yan forced his daughter Shu Yanan to marry Nangong Fang in order to protect Ling Yuan's future. Shu Yanan strongly opposed it, preventing his mother from falling out with Nangong Fang.

After hearing what happened to Shu Yanan, Kou Yuanjie was indignant, thinking that what his mother had done was too much, and it was tantamount to ruining her daughter's lifelong happiness. It's just that because of his mother, Shu Yanan didn't pursue further. She asked Kou Yuanjie to leave Nandu as soon as possible. Otherwise, with Yun Xiang's wisdom, she would have guessed that there are two forces in Nandu, Ling Yuan.

Liu Gongquan took Princess Mingzhu to find the prefect of Nandu, looking for clues to the water ghost robbery case, Master Shao personally arranged a banquet with food and wine. Because the theft of tribute silver in Nandu is a major event, Liu Gongquan did not bring the decree and assigned official documents, and he has no authority to investigate. Princess Mingzhu grew up with King Fu since childhood, so she naturally has the means to deal with the officials, and soon persuaded Master Shao to agree with Liu Gongquan to take the lead handle the case. It is also because Mr. Shao has the handle in the hands of Princess Mingzhu that he has to obey them.

In order to dispel Yunxiang's doubts, Shu Yanan personally went to the black market to find important clues. According to the information provided by Kou Yuanjie, he revealed to Yunxiang that Blacksmith Zhang was hired by the man in black Meng Ye to melt silver. This person was Ye Xiao's confidant. Yun Xiang has no doubts about the news sent by Shu Yanan, unexpectedly Kou Yuanjie's real strategy is to let him follow the clues to find Ye Xiao, and use him to completely solve Nangong Fang.

Yun Xiang coaxed Shu Yanan to close his eyes and took out the hairpin he had carefully prepared. Shu Yanan was very moved, and the mutual feelings quickly heated up, but the relationship became more and more complicated. Then Yun Xiang began to analyze that even if this group melted the official ingots into one hundred thousand pieces of silver, it would still be very difficult to transfer. Presumably, they scattered their hands, and the only suspicious place was the Tang family's gambling house, so as to launder the stolen silver.

At the same time, Liu Gongquan is also analyzing the ins and outs of the matter, knowing that there are many involved in it, and it may be related to various forces such as the court and the rivers and lakes. On the outskirts of the city, in a painting boat, a large amount of official silver is being melted in the fire, and then taken by others to gambling houses and other places to exchange for old silver, so as to deceive the public.


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