The ordered Tianhu came to knock on Yunxiang's door with soup and porridge, but fortunately Shu Yanan stopped in time and angrily reprimanded Tianhu for being uneducated. Ke Menglan heard the sound and came to intercede for Tianhu, then took her back to her room, and asked her why she became like this. Unexpectedly, Tianhu scolded Ke Menglan for being mean and violating Tang Xiao's order. As soon as this remark came out, Ke Menglan was shocked, and accidentally discovered that Tianhu's body was poisonous, and his back was covered with purple veins.

It is also because of Tianhu's torture that Ke Menglan wants to give her innocence to the person she loves the most before committing herself to Tang Xiao in order to get back the antidote. On the other side, Su Mingyu dreamed of the scene of meeting Ke Menglan for the first time, seeing her dancing gracefully and gracefully, she couldn't help yearning for her.

The knock on the door made Su Mingyu wake up from his dream. When he opened the door, he found Ke Menglan in a beautiful dress. He was a little dazed for a while. Ke Menglan personally came to Su Mingyu for a drink. When the wine and beauty are strong, people are intoxicated. Su Mingyu watched Ke Menglan come over with drunken eyes, and proposed to make a promise tonight, and immediately pushed her away, emphasizing that he wanted to marry her beautifully. Entering the door will not take advantage of others.

Ke Menglan burst into tears when she heard the words, but finally left silently. Su Mingyu noticed the clue, and felt that this matter was strange, so she took the initiative to find Shu Yanan to discuss countermeasures. On the other side, Tianhu reported that Ke Menglan was going to bring down Yunxiang by making false accounts, Tang Xiao thought it was very interesting.

After talking with Shu Yanan, Su Mingyu realized that Yunxiang was not in Lianshengfang, including the truth that Ke Menglan was under the control of Tang Xiao. Then the two came to Ke Menglan, and happened to find that Ke Menglan was making false accounts, so Ke Menglan had no choice but to tell the story of Tianhu poisoning. Under the control of Tang Xiao's medicine, Tianhu was already in danger, Su Mingyu rushed out of the door angrily, and immediately wanted to settle accounts with Tang Xiao.

Seeing this, Shu Yanan hurriedly stopped Su Mingyu, and gave him an analysis of the current situation. Finally, he calmed down his sexual impulse and followed his advice to return to the room. Although Shu Yanan recognized Xixin Powder, she didn't have an antidote, and she couldn't make it in a short time, so she could only concoct medicine to delay the poisonous effect.

Tang Xiao originally thought that Su Mingyu would settle accounts with him that night, so he deliberately invited the prefect of Nandu to gamble, and deliberately lost a lot of money to the other party. Tang Xiao waited for a long time until his subordinates came down to report that Su Mingyu was persuaded to go back by Shu Yanan, he couldn't help but become angry from embarrassment, regretting that he had wasted money for nothing.

Because of Ke Menglan, Su Mingyu hated Tang Xiao to the bone, and immediately increased the odds to four for one bet. Everyone was amazed that at such a speed, Lianshengfang would definitely lose everything, but Su Mingyu reassured everyone not to worry, because the Su family took care of Lianshengfang, and the Su family could afford it.

The spies sent by Tang Xiao came to report the news at any time, and when he heard the preferential policies of Lianshengfang, he followed Yunxiang's odds closely and used the same discounts to attract gamblers. Little did he know that Yunxiang and Mo Bufan had been operating behind the scenes, just waiting for him to come to this point. Knowing that Ke Menglan was coerced by Tang Xiao, Yunxiang didn't say anything, and deliberately let Su Mingyu know about it, in order to make him and Tang Xiao completely vengeful.

In the blink of an eye, the three-day period has come, and Lian Shengfang has put in a lot of effort, but still can't reach Tang Xiao's profit. During this period of time, Ke Menglan stayed by Tianhu's side to take care of her carefully and fed herself. Seeing that she hadn't had a good rest for many days, Su Mingyu persuaded her to eat something first. As for her betrayal of Lian Shengfang, she didn't care too much about it, but felt I am not capable enough to protect the other party.

As Lianshengfang closed the market, the Tang family also began to prepare to close the market, and the outcome has been decided. Mo Bufan sent someone to send a message to Shu Yanan, asking her to take this opportunity to rescue Jin Biao quickly. At a critical moment, a mysterious person suddenly wants to place a large bet to prevent the Tang family from closing the deal, and this person is none other than Yunxiang from Lianshengfang. Yun Xiang turned and looked directly at Tang Xiao, saying that as a leader in the industry, he naturally understood that he could continue to place bets until the brand was withdrawn, and he would not break such rules, and the others echoed his words.


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