Shu Yanan refused to do anything, but finally let Qi Tianfeng's life go, Jin Biao was willing to act on his behalf, Shu Yanan said that no one should touch Qi Tianfeng, and let Qi Tianfeng live like a bereaved dog. Mo Bufan hurriedly dragged Yunxiang to see Master Yuntai. On the way, Yunxiang recalled what Wen Cong told him when he was still alive. Five years ago, Shu Yanan couldn't wait to go down the mountain to take revenge. Knowing that "wisdom is the foundation and wisdom is the body", but he doesn't know the meaning behind it. Wen Cong pointed out to him the word "mind technique", which means that the word "heart" comes first and the word "skill" follows, so we must be upright, if Put your heart in the back, and if things go on like this, you will definitely breed arrogant and treacherous villains.

Now, Wen Cong's words made Shu Yanan understand a deeper meaning. Seeing Qi Tianfeng's end, Mo Bufan couldn't help feeling that this person was too greedy, and the Cao Gang had a solid foundation. The gang will not be handed over to others. Yun Xiang can see it openly, everything in the world suffers from suffering, but without desires can be strong, this Qi Tianfeng also deserves what he deserves.

The head of the door asked Yunxiang to bring down the Su family as soon as possible, but Yun Xiang not only failed to do so, but also let the Su family make a lot of money. To investigate, according to Yun Xiang's guess, he has angered the sect master, and he may suffer disaster in the future. Mo Bufan cowered in front of the sect master, and said his words cautiously. After the sect master left, he straightened up like a spring breeze. After so many years of galloping in the mall, Mo Bufan had seen too many intrigues. The impersonal person admired it quite a bit, and just now chose to stand by Yunxiang's side in front of the sect master.

Yun Xiang knows that he is good at studying institutions, and he is always playing tricks on weekdays, fearing that in the future, all the institutions will be counted and he will become a loner. Back at Lianshengfang, I heard Shu Yanan, Jin Biao, and Meng Lan chatting and laughing happily. These three people are pure and kind, and they always have a good time together. Yunxiang suddenly felt that he was out of tune with them, so he left quietly. Looking back, she took the initiative to find him for a drink. Now that her revenge has been avenged, she is willing to continue to follow Yunxiang until Tang Xiao is eliminated.

That night, Shu Yanan got drunk, and Yun Xiang carried her home. Early the next morning, Yunxiang called Menglan and Shu Yanan, arranged for the opening of the casino, and promoted Menglan to be the shopkeeper. There had never been such a precedent at that time. Both Yunxiang and Shu Yanan recognized Menglan's business acumen and Menglan readily agrees with her attitude towards the world, and the matter is readily settled.

Yunxiang has upgraded the hardware facilities of the casino again. Menglan thinks that Yunxiang's idea is very good, even some supporting services are also required to be improved, and the cook needs to be replaced. It only takes half a month for Yunxiang to correct it immediately. However, Meng Lan felt that doing business should be done with integrity, so Yun Xiang asked for the required silver taels, and tried to find a way to borrow it.

Yun Xiang knew that Jin Biao was rich, so he called him up. He wanted to cheat some of Jin Biao's gambling money, but Shu Yanan's timely appearance exposed Yun Xiang's plan. Jin Biao heard that Yun Xiang was short of money, so he immediately took all his money Come out, but it must be very profitable. Soon after, Mo Bufan's subordinate Kang Qiao came. Through hard work during this period, he rescued a little girl who was betrayed. Jin Biao was very grateful when he finally found a child, and knew that Yunxiang was helping. Immediately, he changed the originally agreed 10% interest to 3% interest, and begged Kang Qiao to find other children as soon as possible.

Qian Rong wanted to buy Menglan's lowly status, but found that it had already been bought in advance. Su Huairou told Qian Rong not to make the matter public. Today she has something to entrust to her younger brother. Su Huairou told Su Mingyu everything Yunxiang had done to their Su family, and asked Su Mingyu to treat Yunxiang with sincerity in the future, only in this way will their Su family be safer.

After Qi Tianfeng recovered from his injuries, he planned to take the remaining dozen or so brothers to Bashu, preparing to make a comeback. The followers were all very happy, but soon the pirate Guan Haizhu came to the door and killed all the brothers under Qi Tianfeng. Qi Tianfeng was old and his martial arts were useless, so he spared his life.

Qi Tianfeng was awakened by the smoke, opened his eyes and saw that all his brothers died tragically, and the house where he lived was also set on fire. This must have been done by Tang Xiao. With such a bloody feud, Qi Tianfeng vowed to pay back the debt with blood.


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