Su Mingyu couldn't figure it out that Qi Tianfeng was always ruthless, but so many followers were willing to die for him, the spies who were captured alive in the Su family called Su Mingyu a coward, and asked him to give him a good time. Meng Lan sent the repaired clothes. Ever since the clothes were splashed with blood, Su Mingyu has been in panic all day long. Seeing the blood stains makes her heartbroken. She even doubts that she is cowardly and useless. Cowardly, unable to make a move for a long time.

The spies cut the tied rope with fragments, then took Menglan hostage, and asked Su Mingyu about the current situation of the Cao Gang. Su Mingyu remained calm, while reminding him that now the Cao Gang was defeated, and all the family business had been transferred to Mo Bufan's name. The spy asked Su Mingyu to kill him immediately, and kept prodding him to kill herself. Menglan reminded Su Mingyu not to give in. Once he kills willfully, he will go astray in the future. With Menglan by his side, Su Mingyu is much calmer, and finally decides to let the The spy leaves.

Seeing her younger brother being calm and courageous in front of Menglan, Su Huairou finally felt relieved, and ordered Qian Rong to quickly buy Menglan a lowly status, and now she agreed to the marriage. Qian Rong admired Menglan even more. According to the class at that time, no one with Menglan's status would ever be allowed to marry into a wealthy family, let alone the imperial merchant Su's family.

Yunxiang brought some gifts and went to Mo Bufan's mansion in person, and now Mo Bufan was also looking for Qi Tianfeng everywhere, he urged Yunxiang to do it quickly, Yunxiang came here this time to take advantage of the situation, and wanted to borrow the experts around Mo Bufan. The two went to catch Qi Tianfeng by car together. On the way, they analyzed the advantages of Qi Tianfeng's hiding in the pier, and suddenly remembered that Qi Tianfeng's idea should be that he was prepared and had a good supporter. Thinking of this, they immediately speeded up.

Sure enough, Qi Tianfeng contacted Guan Haizhu in private, this person was a well-known pirate, but also because of his gangster spirit, after seeing Mo Bufan, he heard the other party's offer of chips, and immediately betrayed Qi Tianfeng. Yunxiang negotiated with Qi Tianfeng, as long as Qi Tianfeng crippled his own tendons, he would naturally not hurt his subordinates at all.

Yunxiang asked Qi Tianfeng the truth about the extermination of Luo Jiabang back then. Tang Xiao personally planned the massacre of the village in order to expropriate the land. Wen Cong and Yun Xiang were extremely indignant, this tragedy could have been avoided, but because of Qi Tianfeng's indifference, all 315 lives were lost overnight.

When Qi Tianfeng heard Guan Haizhu said that Tang Xiao had already released a lot of money to buy his head, he was completely desperate. . Qi Tianfeng said that Wen Cong was actually responsible for the destruction of the Shu Family Escort Bureau. In order to become the boss of the Escort Bureau and expand its power, he naturally showed no mercy. Qi Tianfeng also said that someone under his command could testify that he was not talking nonsense. The orphan of the Shu family is an adopted daughter, and now it seems that she is also a ruthless character. After Qi Tianfeng finished explaining, he closed his eyes and asked Shu Yanan to take revenge.


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