Mo Bufan didn't satisfy these petty profits, after all, the entire Cao Gang now belonged to him, and Qi Tianfeng was completely unqualified to continue to raise conditions. Qi Tianfeng understood what Mo Bufan meant, and reminded him not to kill them all, but Yun Xiang suddenly came in from the outside and accused Qi Tianfeng of why he didn't think about letting Wen Cong die. Qi Tianfeng became angry from embarrassment, Kang Qiao fought against Yunxiang to protect Yunxiang, and he was already a master at a young age, and he even practiced the Transformation Palm to absorb the opponent's strength for his own use. However, Qi Tianfeng's "Iron Hand Yasha" is by no means a vain name, and he directly crippled Kang Qiao's arm with ten successes. Fortunately, Kang Qiao was not seriously injured, and Qi Tianfeng also fled in a hurry with internal injuries.

Mo Bufan felt sorry for Kang Qiao very much, and scolded Yun Xiang for causing trouble. Yun Xiang was curious about the relationship between the two, and Mo Bufan told him how he adopted Kang Qiao, although his father and son had already regarded him as his own. Mo Bufan was surprised that Yunxiang was so tossed about, and the biggest beneficiary was not himself. Yunxiang confessed his life experience and explained the real purpose of investigating the Luojiazhuang tragedy. How can some people not be burdened by love and hatred.

Afterwards, Mo Bufan led people to liquidate the Caobang property and Mo Bufan's family property. Tang Xiao came here after hearing the news, and wanted to grab something, but was ridiculed by Mo Bufan. Now Qi Tianfeng fled to the outskirts with the rest of the Cao Gang, thinking about making a comeback one day, but Tang Xiao had planned to kill him because he had too much collusion with him. Lianshengfang has been out of business for too long, and because there are too many competitors, it is difficult to attract customers in a short period of time. So Ke Menglan thought of rearranging Lianshengfang, and found another way to start with small gambling games, accumulate sand into towers to accumulate popularity, and provide guests with free accommodation. Jin Biao was very happy when he heard that Yunxiang agreed to help find the child, and finally he did not make this friend in vain.

Ever since Shu Yanan and Yun Xiang got to know each other, they have been like glue every day. Yun Xiang thinks that Qi Tianfeng can be finished now, but Shu Yanan knows that Yun Xiang still wants to know the truth about the destruction of Luojiazhuang from Qi Tianfeng, so he is not in a hurry. After getting along for this period of time, Shu Yanan has matured a lot, and he is more calm in doing things.

With the opening of Lianshengfang, Qian Rong personally presented a congratulatory gift on behalf of Su Huairou, and then revealed Su Mingyu's situation to Ke Menglan. At this moment, Su Mingyu was still in a trance under the shadow of the murder, and did not come out at all. Ke Menglan came to enlighten her with Su Huairou's acquiescence, obviously Su Huairou had also recognized this sister-in-law. On the other side, Su Huairou came to see Yunxiang and Shu Yanan in person, and sorted out the whole story. By the way, he mentioned that Shu Yanan was able to sacrifice his life to protect his bodyguards, and even shared all his bounty with those people. It seems that there should be the same Experience will empathize.

Shu Yanan noticed that there was something in Su Huairou's words, and got up angrily to remind her to say something in the open, and don't poke someone's back. Shu Yanan admitted that he was the orphan of the Shu Family Escort, and turned around to leave after speaking. Su Huairou achieved his goal and took Qian Rong to leave. On the way back, he analyzed with Qian Rong that if what Shu Yanan said was true, she was probably ordered by Yun Xiang to set fire to the warehouse. the mysterious man.

But Su Huairou is very smart, knowing that she is not Yunxiang's opponent, there is no way to settle this matter. Fortunately, the Su family also benefited from this turmoil, so they did not continue to pursue it. At this time, the dust has completely settled. On the other hand, Shu Yanan was aroused by Su Huairou's words and felt pain in his heart. Looking back on the tragic experience of the Escort, he became more and more self-blaming and remorseful, sitting alone in the room and drinking away his sorrow.

Yun Xiang directly took the flagon away, expressing that it was not her fault, and then hugged Shu Yanan who was trembling all over, to comfort her a little. Yun Xiang hoped that Shu Yanan would give him a few days, now that he knew where Qi Tianfeng was hiding, he could eradicate Qi Tianfeng without bloodshed as long as he waited for one more person.


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