The news about the burning of the raw silk spread like wildfire, and the merchants who had bought the deeds came to Su's house one after another, seeing that tomorrow would be the time to cash them out, fearing that they would end up with nothing in the end. Su Huairou remained calm in front of everyone, pledged the president's reputation and property as collateral, and promised that merchants who failed to cash in the raw silk would be refunded at the price on the day the raw silk was sold for compensation. Even so, some merchants are still unwilling to buy it and insist on early redemption. Qian Rong sent everyone away with great difficulty, Su Huairou coughed and wheezed as if exhausted, the silk kerchief was soaked with blood.

Over the years, Su Huairou has worked hard for the Su family, and her vitality has long been exhausted. She usually dresses up exquisitely in order to prevent outsiders from seeing that she is ill. Only Qian Rong knows her true condition. Su Huairou lamented that people in Yuntai have always been proficient in strategy and can use anyone as a pawn, including the Su family. That night, Qian Rong broke into the house, pinched Yunxiang's neck tightly, and forced him to ask about his real plan. His martial arts internal strength was so high that even ten steps were suppressed. Yun Xiang had no choice but to reveal that the caravan she sent to Yangzhou was just a cover-up. In fact, she had already sent someone to buy another raw silk to be transported back by sea. Although the chances of winning are uncertain, Qian Rong still believes in Yun Xiang for the time being, and warns him that if he continues to frame the Su family, he will definitely take his life with his own hands.

On the other side, a thick fog suddenly rose on the sea surface. The officials saw a large number of ships coming one after another, mistook them for encountering pirates, and hurriedly lit a beacon to warn. Seeing this, Mo Bufan held up a torch to direct the shipping fleet. Seeing that the 15-day deadline was approaching, Qi Tianfeng thought he had the chance to win, but on the day of exchange, he found a hundred boxes of raw silk neatly placed in Su's house, and the merchants cheered endlessly. In this way, Qi Tianfeng will not only go bankrupt, but also lose the entire Cao Gang. I really can't believe that the imperial court has banned the sea for many years, and Yun Xiang has such a means. At the same time, Jin Biao, Shu Yanan and others returned safely, but Su Mingyu, who had killed someone, was still in a daze. Ke Menglan saw that Su Mingyu was covered in blood, and felt sorry for him. Just as she was about to raise her hand, she saw him take a step back. She laughed at herself that Ke Menglan must have never seen her like this before, and comforted her not to worry, these were minor injuries.

The girl Tianhu had already had a secret love affair with Jin Shiliang, and others smiled knowingly when they saw it. Now that the Su family has won a big victory, Su Huairou has insight into Yunxiang's actions towards the Su family, including the fire in the silk warehouse some time ago, so he deliberately alienated the friendship between Yunxiang and his best friend, and even mentioned in front of Shu Yanan that Yunxiang used the sea route, It is obvious that the friend personally bets the dart as a bait. But Shu Yanan is very aware of Yun Xiang's ulterior motives, and Jin Biao is used to the life of licking blood with the tip of a knife, so naturally he won't care about it.

Yun Xiang took the initiative to look for Shu Yanan, and it happened that Shu Yanan was taking a bath, so he simply stood at the door. The two talked through the screen, and Yun Xiang spoke out her plan like this, and mustered up the courage to confess to Shu Yanan. Shu Yanan reminded him that as a member of Yuntai, he should not be emotional, but Yunxiang didn't care at all. He fell in love with her the first time he saw her in Baiju Town. It wasn't until these two days that he realized how much he cared about her. Really. He is starting to take his feelings for her seriously.

After the two confessed their hearts to each other, they kissed and finally confirmed each other's hearts. Yun Xiang leaned on Shu Yanan's lap and looked at the setting sun in the distance, feeling that they were collaborators in the eyes of outsiders, but in fact they were indeed just a cooperative relationship at the beginning, but this cooperation made him deeply trapped and unable to extricate himself, and he was willing to violate Yuntai's sect rules. Shu Yanan laughed when he heard the words, he gently hugged Yun Xiang and looked into the distance together, hoping in his heart to stay in this moment forever and the years will be peaceful, without any mortal grievances to disturb him.

It is because Qi Tianfeng has pressured all the properties of the Cao Gang to Guanghuizhuang, and in order to get back the Cao Gang, he personally came to visit with generous gifts, hoping to reach a deal with Mo Bufan. As long as he continues to manage the Cao Gang, he will be profitable in the future Split the profit with him half and half, and it won't take long to recover the cost and have a steady stream of profits.


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