Wang Benzhong sent Pan Xiaoxuan back, and he had to watch Pan Xiaoxuan go back to the dormitory. Pan Xiaoxuan persuaded Wang Benzhong to believe him, and praised Wang Benzhong's behavior today, thinking that Wang Benzhong brought them to Wu Jiajun, which prevented a major incident. occur. Wang Benzhong believed Pan Xiaoxuan's sincerity, and went back to the office alone. Looking at Wang Benzhong's back, Pan Xiaoxuan sighed that the time of freedom is always so short.

Soon, Shi Aihua also learned about this matter. Shi Aihua also opened a video with Wang Benzhong to discuss the issue. Then he found Li Xiaoxu and learned about the children's situation. He also knew that the conflicts between parents and children would escalate if they were together 24 hours a day. Fear that this kind of escape will happen again. Li Xiaoxu told Shi Aihua that the students had a group called Blu-ray. Hearing this, Shi Aihua guessed that Tian Wenwen must have established it. He also hoped that the teachers could enter this group, listen to the complaints of the children, and help them guide them. Take the pressure.

Wang Qian supported Wuhan. She not only had to wear protective clothing every day, but even had to accept the patient's bad temper. She also had a serious lack of rest time. She couldn't help crying after receiving the video of Shi Aihua and his wife. She was so tired that her grandmother persuaded Wang Qian to go back. , and said that she could call Wang Qian's leader, because her leader used to be Shi Aihua's student, not to mention Wang Qian's mother died when she was giving, and the photos are all hanging on the hospital wall, so you don't need to be afraid of what others say. Four. But Wang Qian still refused to go back. Although she was tired and hard, she didn't say she couldn't support it. What's more, there was a boyfriend by her side. The two also discussed together to support Wuhan.

Dong Bihua made Wu Jiajun his favorite meal. Wu Jiajun remained silent. As soon as he sat down to eat, Dong Bihua nagged and continued reading after eating. Wu Jiajun immediately let go of his job and went to study. Dong Bihua also felt that it was impossible to not rest, and persuaded Wu Jiajun to come out and watch TV. Wu Jiajun went to the living room to turn on the TV without saying a word, just like a puppet, doing whatever his mother asked him to do. This made Wu Guangsheng very angry, he reprimanded Dong Bihua, don't drive the child crazy, Dong Bihua thought that Wu Jiajun was acting, Wu Jiajun actually hid in the room and laughed, especially Wu Guangsheng reprimanded Dong Bihua loudly, he secretly happy.

In the evening, Wu Guangsheng came to Wu Jiajun, thinking that Shi Aihua was going too far. Wu Jiajun deliberately said that Wu Guangsheng was the most pitiful person. How did he survive these years, but Wu Guangsheng thought that he and Dong Bihua got along well. Wu Jiajun said frankly that he couldn't stay in this house anymore and wanted to live at his grandma's house. Although Wu Guangsheng knew that Dong Bihua would not agree, he couldn't stand his son's words and finally decided to have a good talk with Dong Bihua.

Zhou Bowen watched Zhou Meiren playing games and chatting and stood aside, making Zhou Meiren feel inconsolable, and he didn't even dare to speak loudly. That night, Zhou Bowen secretly took out the network card in Zhou Meiren's computer, just happened to be seen by Zhao Shan, Zhao Shan silently exited without saying a word, for fear that Zhou Meiren would wake up, he quickly patted him and continued to sleep.

The next day when I turned on the computer, Zhou Meiren turned on the computer and found that there was only memory and graphics card. He knew that it was Zhou Bowen's manipulation and asked him to install it. He also thought that only he had the most thorough research on those game strategies. It's also irresponsible to the team. Zhou Bowen scolded Zhou Meiren for being responsible for his online friends, but not for their mother and son.

Zhou Meiren sat on the sofa with the computer host, motionless, Zhao Shan persuaded Zhou Meiren to be considerate of Zhou Bowen, after all, the college entrance examination was about to take place. He studied hard every day, but the father was downstairs and played games every day, and he would not feel it. Balance, so I hope Zhou Meiren can think about his son, don't play games before he is admitted to university, and if he has time to be bored, he can go to the store, Zhou Meiren agreed.

Tian Xiangyun was also transferred to the recovery ward and called Tian Wenwen to reassure her. Tian Wenwen studied in the old house every day and went back to live in the new house at night. At this time, she received a call from Li Xiaoxu, hoping to join the Blu-ray group. Tian Wenwen hesitated until Li Xiaoxu made a statement. Just wanting to care about everyone, Tian Wenwen agreed.

Wu Jiajun came to grandma's house with Wu Guangsheng. Grandma blamed Dong Bihua for not seeing her for a year. Wu Guangsheng hurriedly explained to his wife, thinking that Dong Bihua was also tired from work, and the two almost quarreled because of it. Wu Guangsheng hurriedly apologized, which made his mother happy. Wu Jiajun originally only asked to come and live for five days, but after the five days, he still did not want to go back. Wu Guangsheng was worried that he would not be able to explain to Dong Bihua. Wu Jiajun promised to go back in five days, but Wu Guangsheng softened his heart. Agreed, and reminded Wu Jiajun to stop in moderation.

Gao Mingyu was in a bad mood when he was on the phone with Pan Xiaoxuan when he suddenly realized that something was wrong with his grandfather. Gao Mingyu quickly went to Secretary Chen for help. Secretary Chen was worried that his leg was inflamed, so he immediately Find someone to take the old man to the hospital on a stretcher.


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