Wu Jiajun had a pimple on his face. When he was in a hurry to find medicine, he found a hidden medicine bag. The medicine inside caught his attention. He searched the Internet specially, worried that his mother had depression, and waited for Wu Guangsheng to come back. At that time, he specifically asked Dong Bihua how she was feeling recently, but Wu Guangsheng didn't find anything wrong with her.

Yang Ran followed Wang Qian to see the parents, and Shi Aihua had a dispute over how to educate the children. The two had different educational philosophies, which led to a debate competition. Yang Ran sat beside him at a loss, especially Wang Benzhong asked Yang Ran to express his right. Regarding the college entrance examination, Shi Aihua believes that it should be developed in an all-round way. Shi Aihua does not like the saying that everything is inferior, but reading is high. Let them think for themselves after college.

Zhao Shan is busy looking for a chef, but because of the salary, it is not easy to find a suitable chef. Zhou Bowen is going out for a run at this time. Zhao Shan is worried that Zhou Bowen is not wearing a mask, so she urges Zhou Meiren to send it over, Zhou Meiren simply Running with Zhou Bowen, I felt a little exhausted after running too far.

When Wang Benzhong was checking the night, he saw Gao Mingyu reading in the abandoned washroom, and specifically persuaded him to go back to rest, worried that the lack of rest would affect the daytime classes, and there was really no need to study so hard. At this time, there are still 56 days before the college entrance examination, and everyone is intensifying their studies.

Qin Jianguo also visited No. 4 Middle School. Tian Wenwen had just come back to class and borrowed an eraser from her classmates, but none of the classmates wanted them. Tian Wenwen also found that her classmates seemed to be avoiding her intentionally or not, so she went to Li Xiaoxu and proposed to be transferred to the last row , Li Xiaoxu said he would consider it.

Pan Xiaoxuan works here with Director Zhang, which makes Director Zhang very satisfied. No matter how difficult it is, he will not leave. Moreover, his mind is very flexible, and he can learn everything as soon as he learns it. This also makes Director Zhang worry. The reason for the explanation is that there is no interest, no challenge, just to satisfy the father's face. However, there are challenges in working in the workshop. The thing that is different every day is the challenge. Director Zhang called Pan Dalong and said that he was powerless, and he had recognized Pan Xiaoxuan as an apprentice.

When Zhou Meiren was selling melon seeds, he encountered the owner of the pedicure shop and even took advantage of it, but he endured it in order to sell the melon seeds, but after going to the toilet, the melon seeds left at the door of the pedicure shop were gone. When he didn't know how to explain to Zhao Shan, he accidentally saw a decoration team doing decoration. He also wanted to apply for the job, but he had not done the craft for many years and was unfamiliar, so he was kicked out. When Zhou Meiren came out, he found that the bag and scale containing the melon seeds were gone, and there was only one bamboo pole left. He wanted to take it back, but he couldn't explain it to Zhao Shan, so he had to think of a way to touch porcelain.

Thinking that he got 3,000 yuan last time, this time he looked at the car and wanted to rush over, but was stopped by Zhao Shan. Zhao Shan's husband made Zhou Meiren cry. Holding Zhao Shan, he felt very uncomfortable. It was useless, Zhao Shan instead comforted Zhou Meiren, thinking that he was the best person. Zhou Meiren said that he would quit the arena for Zhao Shan and would never play games again. For Zhao Shan, he could not want those people, because only Zhao Shan was the person he wanted most.

Zhou Meiren told his friends on the Internet that he would never play games again, and the event for tomorrow was also canceled. Zhou Bowen looked at Zhou Meiren sitting in front of the computer at this time, thinking that he had started playing games again, so he went for a run in anger, Zhou Meiren then After catching up, he stopped Zhou Bowen and promised to never play games again.

Li Xiaoxu did not change seats for Tian Wenwen, but told the story of Tian Wenwen's recovery in the class. He didn't want to cause unnecessary panic to everyone because of an epidemic. Tian Wenwen also stood up and bowed to admit his mistake. Zhou Bowen took the lead in expressing his attitude, thinking that Tian Wenwen was wrong. There's nothing wrong, everyone thinks she's right, there's no need to apologize, this is also the first class of the third year of high school that Li Xiaoxu is proud of. Opening the curtains and watching the sun go down outside, Li Xiaoxu led everyone out of the classroom to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside, and shouted cheers for the college entrance examination.

When Gao Mingyu returned to the dormitory, he found that his grandfather fell to the ground. Wang Benzhong hurriedly sent his grandfather to the hospital for rescue.


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