Fang Ling's mother wanted to go to Chen Juyi's company to make a big fuss with his boss, but she didn't expect that Boss Wang's attitude towards Fang Ling's mother was very good, which made Fang Ling's mother less angry. In the future, we will need to rely on Director Fang for the affairs of the counter. Mr. Wang waited for Chen Juyi to arrive at the company and chatted with him. All in all, he hoped that Chen Juyi would not offend Director Fang. Even if it was for the company, Mr. Wang believed that Chen Juyi should be able to distinguish which is more important.

Fang Ling helped Chen Juyi cut off the shoes from the Jiangsu dealer and supplied them to the Xiexin counter. Unexpectedly, the second batch of goods to Jiangsu Manager Yan was soaked in rain due to the weather. Manager Yan challenged Fang at the meeting Ling, I hope he can be level with a bowl of water. Fortunately, the person in charge of the company did not blame Fang Ling. He thought there was nothing wrong with Fang Ling's handling method. Fang Ling's assistant, Barbie, hoped that Chen Juyi would know what Fang Ling had done for him, so she secretly called Chen Juyi to tell the whole story about what happened at the meeting.

Bai Jingjing and Yueyue were looking at the photos of the birthday party at home. She was a little jealous when she saw Fang Ling playing Yueyue's mother and having fun with everyone. Yueyue's words also revealed Fang Ling's liking for Fang Ling, and also showed off the princess dress and braid Fang Ling gave her at that time. Bai Jingjing immediately wanted to tie Yueyue's hair when she heard it.

Just at this time, Fang Ling's mother took Yangyang home, and Bai Jingjing immediately stepped forward to ask her about the result of her consideration. Fang Ling's mother told Bai Jingjing about her going to Chen Juyi's company. Bai Jingjing didn't expect the old lady to make trouble at the company, so she also said that she would go back to Fang Ling's company in a fit of anger. Seeing this, the old lady immediately pretended that she was not feeling well. When Chen Juyi and Fang Ling got home and saw this scene, everyone was shocked.

Fang Ling helped her mother to the room, only to realize that her mother was pretending. She once again hoped that her mother would not interfere in her own affairs. Her participation would only make things more and more chaotic. Chen Juyi also hoped that Bai Jingjing would stop meddling with her own affairs. If the matter of this house disturbed everyone, they could simply move out by themselves. Anyway, a big man doesn't care where he lives.

Bai Jingjing didn't want Yueyue to suffer with him. Chen Juyi thought she was here to take the child away, but she didn't expect her to give up the child again because of her career. Yueyue was very sad when she heard their conversation. She ran out of the room and hugged her mother and shed tears. Bai Jingjing asked her to live with her father obediently, and she would visit her often. A child is easy to be comforted.

Chen Juyi signed up Yueyue for a nearby kindergarten. Unexpectedly, the kindergarten stipulated that each resident can only have one quota. Fang Ling went home to communicate with Chen Juyi about this matter. Unexpectedly, her mother was on the sidelines, thinking that Chen Juyi did this on purpose. Chen Juyi Unable to tell, he decided to cancel the registration for Yueyue. Before Fang Ling could speak, Chen Juyi went back to the room. In fact, Fang Ling didn't want Yueyue to quit. There were still a few days before the deadline for registration. She wanted to find a way to let both children go to school.

Shi Lei has already launched Fang Ling's pursuit offensive, personally went downstairs to Fang Ling's company to deliver flowers to you and her, and took the opportunity to win the chance to have dinner together. Fang Ling took Yang Yang on purpose, and told him in advance that he would be naughty. Unexpectedly, after the play, he spilled red wine all over Shi Lei's body. The red wine was difficult to wash off, which made Fang Ling feel a little guilty. Shi Lei sent Fang Ling home, and happened to meet Fang Ling's mother who was going out to throw out the trash. He was very sensible and offered to help out with the trash. Fang Ling's mother looked at Shi Lei's handsome appearance and showed satisfaction.

Fang Ling's mother discussed with Fang Ling that she would move in to help Fang Ling grab a house. Fang Ling had one head and two big ones. Finally, the mother and daughter made an agreement. Fang Ling moved to her mother's house, and her mother moved into her current house.

Shi Lei used his expertise to help Fang Ling and Chen Juyi find a way to send their two children to school. This method made Fang Ling's mother look at him with admiration, and her eyes were full of admiration for this man. This made Chen Juyi, who was silent at the side, a little embarrassed. He felt an unspeakable discomfort in his heart, but he was not sure whether this discomfort was due to Fang Ling's feelings. Fang Ling took Yangyang with his suitcase and was about to move to his mother's house. Chen Juyi was obviously reluctant. When Fang Ling asked him if he was reluctant, he was at a loss for words and didn't know how to express it. He could only watch Fang Ling take Yangyang away.


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