Chen Juyi's father is not the kind of old man who is stubborn and traditional. He is very progressive in his thinking. He supports his son in pursuing Fang Ling, but now his son is obedient, so as a father, he has to do it himself. Mom didn't want to talk to him at all.

Chen Juyi was exercising in the garden of the community with his two children, and Fang Ling's mother happened to see him. She mistook Chen Juyi for abusing the children and reprimanded him. Yangyang's whole body was sore from exercising, and was carried home by her grandmother. Seeing that the momentum was not good, Chen Juyi quickly contacted Fang Ling to let her go home. Fang Ling's mother decided to drive Chen Juyi out as a tenant. Fang Ling was sorry, and Chen's father also defended his son. During the quarrel between the two old people, the fact that they were cheated when they bought a house surfaced. Fang Ling had no choice but to have a showdown with his mother. Fang Ling's mother had a big fight with Fang Ling. Unexpectedly, her shrewd daughter would also stumble. Fang Ling knew that this matter was difficult for her mother to accept, and she was not in the mood to explain it too much to her. Now that the case has been reported and the police are investigating, all she can do now is wait.

Fang Ling's mother rushed to Meng Xing's parents' house in a fit of anger. Originally, the divorce was due to Meng Xing's cheating. Now that Fang Ling had left the house, Fang Ling's mother couldn't bear her daughter to be wronged like this, so she went to her ex-in-law to argue. Meng Xing's father knew that their family was at fault, and he was ashamed of Fang Ling. He said that he would give Fang Ling and Yang Yang an explanation. But Meng Xing's mother doesn't distinguish between right and wrong, and always favors her son. She asked her husband how she wanted to explain. Meng Xing's father decided to transfer another house in the family to Yang Yang's name. Meng Xing's mother disagreed, which meant that her son had no place to live, and his son had just obtained a marriage certificate with Manni, so what if he didn't have a house to live in.

Chen Juyi's ex-wife Bai Jingjing came to visit suddenly. She came to see her daughter to make up for the mistake of not celebrating her daughter's birthday last time. The blood relationship is so wonderful, Yueyue was still angry a second ago, but she was soon coaxed by her mother in a few words. With the arrival of Chen Juyi's ex-wife, the family is about to set off a "bloody storm".

Fang Ling's mother went to Fang Ling's house again. She saw Chen Juyi's ex-wife and suspected that they were fighting for the house. Then she must not let her daughter suffer and be wronged. So she decided to take care of Yangyang every day, which can be regarded as helping Fang Ling Staring at every move of Chen Juyi's family.

Usually, Fang Ling and Chen Juyi both have to go to work, and only Fang Ling's mother and Bai Jingjing are left at home. The old lady can see that Bai Jingjing is also an intellectual and a cultural person, and she must not be short of money. . As a working woman, Bai Jingjing is definitely not easy to mess with. She will not give in at all because of a few words from the old lady. Instead, she proposes to let Fang Ling move out with the children, and she can pay them a part of the rent compensation . After all, it is inconvenient for a single man and a widow to live in the same room, but Fang Ling's mother is not at all moved. Fang Ling's mother and Bai Jingjing couldn't make sense, so they went to Chen Juyi's company to make trouble.

Chen Juyi and Fang Ling were chatting about work in the company. It happened that Fang Ling received a bouquet of red roses of unknown origin. She read the information on the card in front of Chen Juyi. Chen Juyi immediately recognized that it was Shi Lei's words. Fang Ling has already launched a pursuit offensive. Fang Ling was immersed in the joy of receiving the flowers, but did not notice a trace of sadness on Chen Juyi's face.


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