Yueyue's classmates all came to celebrate her birthday at home. She has been advising her mother in front of her classmates, but Yueyue's mother was not seen until the sun was going down. Chen Juyi received a call from Yueyue's mother, Bai Jingjing, and learned that she could not accompany Yueyue to celebrate her birthday due to work reasons. In order not to make Yueyue sad and not be ridiculed by his classmates, Shi Lei thought of a way and asked Fang Ling to pretend to be Yueyue's mother.

Fang Ling thought it was a bad thing, but he didn't want to disappoint Yueyue, so he agreed. Fang Ling and Shi Lei cooperated with each other, Fang Ling pretended to be Yueyue's mother, wearing a mask, and gave Yueyue a special make-up birthday party. In this way, even if Yueyue brings her mother to meet her classmates in the future, she will not reveal her secrets.

Chen Juyi's father liked this girl very much when he saw Fang Ling, and with Shi Lei's insinuations, he thought this girl was pretty good. He felt that Fang Ling and Chen Juyi were more suitable, but he didn't expect that this was Shi Lei's favorite person. After the birthday party, Shi Lei sent Fang Ling back to her mother's house, and Chen Juyi's father also left.

Yueyue was very grateful for Fang Ling's help, and specially prepared a beautiful music box for Fang Ling the next day to express her gratitude. Fang Ling got up to change clothes, but found that she couldn't find her underwear. After confirming with Chen Juyi, she found that the underwear had disappeared inexplicably. Chen Juyi made it clear that he had put all the clothes on the bed in Fang Ling's room, and that he had no habit of collecting women's clothes. I hope Fang Ling would not misunderstand.

Chen Juyi learned from Mr. Wang that the big group buying orders at the counter were helped by Fang Ling. He was a little sad. Men are all face-saving, and now they have sales through Fang Ling's help. He felt a little incompetent. Fang Ling doesn't care, it's all the company's list, it just so happens that President Xu has a need for group buying, and he just happens to be a favor, but he doesn't expect that his kindness will not be rewarded, and he is so angry that he doesn't even eat.

Fang Ling's help to Chen Juyi, in the eyes of Mr. Wang and Fang Ling's best friend, Fang Ling's help was not out of obligation as she said, but Fang Ling didn't realize that he had feelings for Chen Juyi beyond friends. Fang Ling's mother learned from Yangyang that Fang Ling is now sharing a rent with a single man with a baby, and planned to go to the house according to the address to find out. When they went downstairs in the community, they were almost knocked down by Dad Chen who was riding a bicycle, and the two met for the first time.

Chen Juyi didn't expect his father to come again suddenly, and now he couldn't hide the fact that he was living with a woman. The old man liked Fang Ling very much. He came this time to advise his son, and hoped that he could catch Fang Ling as soon as possible. The old man also saw Yang Yang, that was just right, they were both divorced with children, so they were a good match.

Fang Ling's mother also came to the house. As soon as she met, she began to verbally attack Chen's father's outfit, thinking that it was inappropriate for him to run around the street in tight long johns. The old man couldn't bear other people's ridicule of his taste, and almost quarreled with Fang Ling's mother. Fortunately, Chen Juyi was at home, which prevented a "war" between the two old men.

Fang Ling's mother didn't know that Fang Ling was cheated into buying a house. She really thought that Chen Juyi was Fang Ling's tenant. As soon as she got home, she questioned him for fear that Fang Ling would be cheated and hurt. Chen Juyi obediently took out all her documents, but Fang Ling's mother was still a little worried. After all, in this society, everything can be faked. She said she would investigate.


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