Meng Tian's visit to Fang Ling's house this time was originally for the purpose of talking and going, but she didn't expect to break up again. She didn't expect Fang Ling to do housework at home. If Fang Ling could do housework at home, maybe her brother wouldn't cheat. Fang Ling didn't expect Meng Tian to think that Meng Xing's cheating was her problem. The two said In the end, Meng Tian was "driven" out of the house by Fang Ling. But Meng Tian would not give up, she decided to go to Fang Ling the next day. Meng Tian went to Fang Ling's house the next day, and she kept telling Fang Ling that Chen Juyi was a bad person, but Fang Ling didn't seem to have that much hostility towards Chen Juyi. In order to protect Fang Ling, Meng Tian decided to come to take care of her at home, but Fang Ling declined her offer. During the chat between Meng Tian and Fang Ling, she found out that Man Ni had gone to Fang Ling's company to make a fuss. Fang Ling really couldn't end it if she didn't divorce. Meng Tian didn't expect Man Ni to be so arrogant, and she became more determined to match her brother and Fang Ling Return to good faith.

Manny went to find Meng Xing's mother with her pregnant belly. She wanted to give birth to the child, but she needed a birth permit. To apply for a birth permit, she needed a marriage certificate. Meng Xing's mother understood what Manny meant. She wanted to get married as soon as possible. Meng Xing got married. As a mother, it is not easy to intervene in Meng Xing's affairs. Meng Xing's mother was worried that Manni would kill the child impulsively. After all, this was a child of the Meng family, and Meng Xing's mother still hoped that Manny could keep the child. She reassured Manny that the family would consider the following matters and give her an explanation.

Meng Tian would go to Fang Ling's house every day to help take care of the children in the following days. It happened that Fang Ling was busy with work and had no time to take care of the children, so she did not refuse. However, Meng Tian's performance misunderstood Chen Juyi. Meng Tian dressed coolly and was overly enthusiastic about him. He felt that he was a little "dangerous". Chen Juyi told Fang Ling about this. Fang Ling thought it was a good thing. After all, there are not many men who can catch Meng Tian's eyes. Fang Ling's attitude gave Chen Juyi a headache. It was fine if she didn't help her, and she added fuel to the fire.

Meng Tian's "goodness" to Chen Juyi no longer avoids the children, and she cares too much about Chen Juyi, which makes Yueyue very angry. She looks for Yangyang in private, hoping that Yangyang can stop his aunt from coming to the house, because her father once promised I won't find a girlfriend anymore, if Meng Tian comes again, she won't be polite.

Yangyang felt that they were all children, so they shouldn't get involved in the affairs of adults, not to mention that her aunt had a boyfriend, so she wouldn't be with Chen Juyi. My own mother will not be with Chen Juyi, because my mother has a father. Yueyue ignored Yangyang at all, and angrily revealed the divorce between Fang Ling and Meng Xing. This news was a bolt from the blue for Yangyang.

Meng Xing and his mother teamed up to hide from his father, stole the family's household registration book, and quietly obtained a marriage certificate with Manny. Meng Tian was petrified when she heard the news. She was still working hard to match Fang Ling and her brother, but all her efforts during this period were in vain. Meng Tian and Fang Ling really have a good relationship. She was so angry that she took the initiative to find Meng Xing, but her unreasonable troubles could no longer solve the problem. Meng Tian was very sad. It seemed that she and Fang Ling had no sister-in-law fate anymore. .

Meng Xing went to the bar to drink and get drunk. She told Fang Ling about her brother's remarriage. Fang Ling felt unspeakably sad when he heard the news. Just now Yangyang was still arguing by her side to miss her father and wanted to meet him. She tried her best to control her tears and didn't want her son to see this scene. As for Meng Xing's remarriage, she didn't know how to explain it to her son.


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