Fang Ling and Meng Xing finally got divorced. After leaving the Civil Affairs Bureau, Ruo Huo and Luo Hong celebrated her re-single status. In the end, it is the girls who accompany the girls, and the friendship between girls is precious. Fang Ling listened to her friend comforting her, but she was still very sad. Her sadness was not because of her nostalgia for Meng Xing, but because of saying goodbye to her first marriage and first love.

Fang Ling and his friends returned to the office after drinking a few glasses of wine. The assistant sent the verification price list to Fang Ling and waited for her to confirm. Fang Ling fell asleep in a daze, but unexpectedly sent the original verification price list to the dealer's Mail. This is a company secret, and the assistant was very flustered. Fang Ling said that he would solve this matter, and hoped that the assistant would keep it secret for him. When Chen Juyi saw the price list, he had a smug smile on his face. He knew very well that now he had something to handle Fang Ling. Fang Ling immediately contacted Chen Juyi to confirm that he had received the email, hoping that he could delete it. Now that the situation of the two of them has changed drastically, Chen Juyi can finally raise his head in front of Fang Ling. Fang Ling hoped to have an interview with Chen Juyi. Chen Juyi defeated the magic with magic, and gave Fang Ling the contact information of his assistant, and asked Fang Ling to make an appointment with his assistant. Fang Ling did not dare to make mistakes, so he could only write down the contact information.

Ruoshui and Luo Hong gave Fang Ling advice. They asked Fang Ling to put down her queenly posture and change her attitude towards Chen Juyi. This made Fang Ling very embarrassed. How could the queen treat others like a maid after being used to it. When Fang Ling came home, he found that Chen Juyi had prepared a large table of sumptuous dishes. Fang Ling was very surprised, not knowing what kind of medicine was sold in Chen Juyi's gourd.

Fang Ling was worried that Ye Chang had many dreams, so he asked his assistant Barbie to contact Chen Juyi's assistant. Unexpectedly, Chen Juyi left the phone number of his boss Wang Youcai. Wang You didn't know why Chen Juyi was so pushy, so he taught him a lesson. But he didn't expect that Fang Ling actually called next, and communicated with Fang Ling in a good voice. Finally, the two sides made an appointment for a meeting in the afternoon of the next day.

Chen Juyi wanted to get more discounts, but Fang Ling really couldn't do it. She could only help Chen Juyi in marketing. After all, marketing was good to have more sales, and Chen Juyi reluctantly agreed. Chen Juyi took this opportunity to terminate his "nanny contract" and successfully handed over the housework to Fang Ling. Fang Ling never knew how to do housework, and he coped with every meal. There was only fruit for breakfast. After mopping the floor, Chen Juyi accidentally slipped on it. He washed both dark and light clothes, and successfully destroyed Chen Juyi's white shirt. Chen Juyi could only admit that he was unlucky.

Fang Ling's cooking was equivalent to frying the kitchen, which almost set the kitchen on fire. Only then did Chen Juyi know that Fang Ling couldn't cook. For everyone's safety, Chen Juyi decided to cook by himself in the future. Fang Ling was secretly pleased. Chen Juyi failed to get more discounts, Wang Youcai was very dissatisfied, and scolded Chen Juyi in the office. In order to improve performance, Wang Youcai let Chen Juyi achieve a good performance in 81 days. Chen Juyi had been busy for nothing before, but in the end he could only ask Fang Ling for performance. Fang Ling looked at Chen Juyi who was trying his best in front of her, and knew his purpose very well, and was unmoved by his sugar-coated bullets.

Chen Juyi walked into a women's clothing store by mistake while shopping in the mall. He did not expect to meet Meng Tian in the store. Chen Juyi explained his relationship with Fang Ling to Meng Tian. Only then did Meng Tian realize that she had misunderstood her. In order to express her apology, she Take the gift and go to Fang Ling again. She and Fang Ling have always had a good relationship. Fang Ling helped her a lot when she opened the clothing store. Meng Tian knew how to be grateful. She still wanted to save the marriage of her brother and sister-in-law.


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