Chen Juyi's daughter, Yueyue, was crying all the time, and wanted to live in her father's big house instead of Uncle Shi Lei's. Chen Juyi had no choice but to ask Fang Ling for his daughter. Yueyue looked so pitiful in front of Fang Ling, and Yang Yang was also helping her, Fang Ling was a little shaken, the matter had come to this point, she decided to back down conditionally, the condition was that Chen Juyi would be responsible for all the housework at home, some Living expenses are shared equally. The cautious Fang Ling was worried that Chen Juyi would go back on his word, so he deliberately recorded a video as evidence.

Although Chen Juyi and Fang Ling lived under the same roof, they made a rule not to talk about work at home, and to distinguish between public and private. Chen Juyi wanted to talk to Fang Ling about the counter, Fang Ling asked him to make an appointment with his assistant. Chen Juyi's life and work are now in Fang Ling's hands, so he has to bow his head. Fang Ling was not hostile to him either, knowing that it would be difficult for him to work in his own company because of the counter, so he specially asked his assistant to squeeze in a little time for a meeting with Chen Juyi. Before the meeting, Ling looked at the sales data of the Xiexin counter, and clearly pointed out the direction for Chen Juyi. Chen Juyi didn't expect that Fang Ling would help him. In order to express his gratitude, he told Fang Ling that he would pick Yueyue and Yangyang from school together, so that Fang Ling would not have to rush off work.

Meng Xing's younger sister, Meng Tian, was very angry when she found out about her brother's cheating. When she got home, she vented her anger on her brother. In order to keep her brother's family, Meng Tian decided to talk to Fang Ling in person. When Meng Tian went to Fang Ling's residence, when they were communicating, Chen Juyi happened to come back from shopping. Fang Ling took this opportunity to lie that Chen Juyi was her boyfriend. Other men live together. Meng Tian couldn't stay here any longer, so she hurriedly left in disgrace. Originally, she thought she could persuade Fang Ling not to divorce, but now, it was completely useless.

Meng Tian went home and told Meng Xing that Fang Ling had a boyfriend. Meng Xing couldn't bear it, so he rushed to Fang Ling's new house indiscriminately and beat Chen Juyi. Fortunately, Yueyue and Yangyang were at home, and Meng Xing calmed down in front of the children. . Meng Xing was still angry when he had a quarrel at home, and rushed to Fang Ling's company to make a fuss, causing the whole company to see Fang Ling's jokes. In front of everyone, he decided to divorce Fang Ling. Fang Ling ignored him at all, she was just a clown, she just came out of the office and asked the employees not to watch the fun and continue working.

Fang Ling had a showdown with her mother. She had already bought an apartment and decided to divorce Meng Xing. Fang Ling's mother didn't expect Meng Xing to make Xiao San's belly bigger. Get out of the house. In fact, everyone knew Fang Ling's character well. Even Meng Xing's parents felt that this matter was unlikely, but seeing his son's distraught appearance, they were dubious. Meng Xing's father doesn't express his opinion. After all, the children are adults and they will be responsible for their actions. But Meng Xing's mother felt that her son had been wronged, so she began to support her son's divorce, and even praised Manna. It happened that Manna was also pregnant, and marrying Manna was also a good choice.

Fang Ling was surprised to see Chen Juyi injured when he went home. Only after knowing the situation did he know that he was injured by Meng Xing. Fang Ling jumped up for joy, and Meng Xing believed that he had a boyfriend, so he could get a divorce soon. Back in the room, Fang Ling was a little sad, sitting on the rocking chair by the bed and weeping silently.


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