With the help of Shi Lei, Chen Juyi was able to temporarily keep the counter by using the "warning period" in the contract. Fang Ling only gave it three months. Of course, there will be no compromise, and the three-month time that he threatened is gone. Shi Lei, who was on the side, saw the beautiful woman's eyes straightened. As the saying goes, a hero is sad about a beautiful woman. Shi Lei turned his back and didn't say a word during the game between Chen Juyi and Fang Ling. The negotiation broke up unhappy, Chen Juyi was very angry, and regretted asking Shi Lei, who valued sex over friends, to help.

Fang Ling's mother always felt that there was something wrong between Fang Ling and Meng Xing, so she visited her in-laws' house in person. Meng Xing's father also felt that something was a little strange, and contacted Meng Xing to let him go home immediately. Meng Xing's mother was worried about her son, so she contacted Meng Xing privately and asked him to find an excuse not to go home. Meng Xing was already driving on the road, and was about to go downstairs to the community. After receiving the "information" from his mother, he hurriedly called his father, falsely claiming that he needed to accompany a client and couldn't make it home in time, so Fang Ling's mother had to leave first.

After Meng Xing watched his mother-in-law leave, he returned home with Manna's pregnancy checklist. Originally, Meng Xing wanted to separate from Manna. Now that she is pregnant, breaking up is naturally impossible. Meng Xing was also a little at a loss, so he could only find his parents to solve it.

Meng Xing's father is an upright man, now that the matter has come to this, he will show his cards with his in-laws. Fang Ling's mother was very sad, she didn't expect her son-in-law to be able to do such a thing. Meng Xing's parents have been comforting Fang Ling's mother, hoping that for Yang Yang's sake, everyone will work together to keep the family. Meng Xing knelt in front of his mother-in-law, hoping to be forgiven, but Fang Ling's mother ignored him at all.

Meng Xing's mother made an appointment with Manna. She wanted to use money to settle the matter, and hoped that Manna could leave with the money. Man Na felt that she and Meng Xing were really in love, and now she was pregnant, so she begged Meng Xing's mother to help her and Meng Xing for the sake of the child in her womb. Meng Xing's mother looked at Manna who was crying into tears in front of her, and her face showed embarrassment.

Meng Xing couldn't get in touch with Fang Ling, so he had to go to Fang Ling's company to find her in person. Meng Xing begged Fang Ling's forgiveness, but Fang Ling, who didn't rub the sand in his eyes, filed for divorce. Meng Xing thought that Fang Ling was playing petty temper, and hoped that she would think about it carefully and not break up a family because of her willfulness.

Fang Ling's mother specially prepared a table of sumptuous meals for Fang Ling and Yangyang. She hoped that Fang Ling could back down a little, so that Yangyang could grow up beside her biological father, instead of always looking for her father like she did when she was a child. Facing the betrayal in his marriage, Fang Ling couldn't give in, and left after arguing with his mother. Fang Ling is homeless and can only temporarily live in the same house as Chen Juyi. Helplessly, the two have different habits. Fang Ling has to get up early to go to work the next day, so he goes to bed early, but Chen Juyi stays up late and is still watching the football game in the living room at 9 o'clock in the evening. Fang Ling reminds him that they live together now. I hope he can have some public morality. Meng Xing had no choice but to turn off the TV. He tried his best to make his own voice softer, but Fang Ling was still looking for trouble for him. In this way, Chen Juyi hardly rested all night. The next day when he went to work in the company, he was listless. Even so, the boss, Mr. Wang, still asked him to solve the problem at the counter, but Chen Juyi and Fang Ling were in a state of incompatibility. President Wang personally contacted Fang Ling. In order to prevent the counter from being removed, he promised in front of Fang Ling that Chen Juyi would move out of the house. Fang Ling was relieved when he heard what Mr. Wang said, and told him that there was still room for the matter of the counter.

Chen Juyi played badminton with Shi Lei. He was really tortured by Fang Ling, and he could only vent his inner grievances by exercising. After playing badminton, Chen Juyi returned home and went to the bathroom of Fang Ling's bedroom as usual. Fang Ling, who was taking a bath, was frightened, and the two almost got into a fight. Fang Ling thought that Chen Juyi came back to pick up his luggage, and it was only then that Chen Juyi knew that Mr. Wang had "sold out" himself in order to keep the counter. But it was not easy to keep the counter, so Chen Juyi decided to leave temporarily and move to Shi Lei's house. As soon as he arrived at Shi Lei's house, he received a call from Fang Ling. It turned out that his daughter came to find her father alone, and Chen Juyi went back to find her daughter immediately. Fang Ling didn't expect Chen Juyi to have such a big daughter, who was about the same age as his son. Both children expressed that they were hungry, Fang Ling reassured his son and ordered takeaway. Chen Juyi felt that it was unhygienic for children to always eat takeaway, so he decided to borrow the kitchen of Lingjia below to cook a meal, so that everyone could eat together.


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