Aunt Guo went out and met Father Chen who was coming to see his son. Father Chen opened his mouth and asked if Fang Ling was at home. Aunt Guo knew what he was up to and made him stop thinking about it, making it clear that Fang Ling and Chen Juyi had nothing to do with each other. Chen Juyi told his father about the difficulties Fang Ling encountered recently. Chen's father actually wanted Chen Juyi to go to the hospital to make a video of his dysfunction to prove that he and Fang Ling had no relationship. .

Wang Youcai is indeed a man who sees the wind and turns the rudder. He wants to hold Yan Dongsheng's thigh now, so he persuades Chen Juyi earnestly and hopes that he can understand the current situation. Chen Juyi didn't expect that Wang Youcai was willing to join forces with Yan Dongsheng to bully a woman, so he said harsh words in front of him, if he did something that was not good for Fang Ling, he would resign immediately.

No matter what kind of evidence Fang Ling submits now, in the company's view, those materials cannot prove her innocence, and Yan Dongsheng is about to ride on her head, and let her handle the documents, which is completely like a superior to a subordinate . Fang Ling received another call from Amy, a headhunter. Amy hoped that she could make a decision as soon as possible. Leaving Si Kaiqi was a good choice for Fang Ling. As the veteran of the company, Fang Ling still has feelings for the company even after being wronged like this, so she decided to think about it again.

In order to prove that he has nothing to do with Chen Juyi, Fang Ling decided to take Yangyang back to his mother's house, so as to avoid other people's gossip. When Chen Juyi heard that Fang Ling was going to move out, he had mixed feelings in his heart. Chen Juyi felt that this was meaningless, and it might be interpreted by others as avoiding suspicion. Fang Ling brought Chen Juyi, Shi Lei and two girlfriends to meet. Shi Lei, Luo Hong and Ruoshui simulated an investigation team and questioned Chen Juyi and Fang Ling.

After the simulated investigation, Fang Ling and Chen Juyi really couldn't prove that they had no relationship, which made Shi Lei feel a little uncomfortable. Indeed, from the very beginning when they fought for the house, they got along well now. Neither of them seemed to know why such a big change happened. The only explanation was that they developed feelings beyond neighbors.

In the end, Luo Hong came up with an idea. If Fang Ling had a boyfriend, then naturally the relationship between him and Chen Juyi would be clean. Moreover, Shi Lei also sent flowers downstairs to pick her up at Fang Ling's company, and many people have seen it, so it is naturally credible that he appeared as Fang Ling's boyfriend. Fang Ling didn't give a positive answer. Although her girlfriends thought Shi Lei was better than Chen Juyi, she didn't want to take advantage of her friends.

Shi Lei took Meng Tian to stand downstairs at Fang Ling's house for a long time, Meng Tian thought he was going to rob someone because he couldn't pursue him. In fact, Shi Lei was just saying goodbye. He took Meng Tian to dinner, saying that he gave up. He only now knew the original relationship between Chen Juyi and Fang Ling. Everyone around him knew it, but he kept deceiving himself.

Fang Ling didn't want to torment Chen Juyi and her friends anymore because of her own affairs, so she voluntarily submitted her resignation letter. Although she was reluctant to give up, it was precisely because of her feelings that she wanted to get together and leave. Fang Ling resigned, and her subordinates were very reluctant, but the matter was a foregone conclusion. Yan Dongsheng purposely acted eccentrically in front of Fang Ling, looking like a villain, Fang Ling didn't care to look him in the eye.

Chen Juyi learned about Fang Ling's resignation from Shi Lei, and hurried to the company to find her, but Fang Ling had already left. Fang Ling wanted to express his feelings clearly, so he bought a set of tableware and gave it to Chen Juyi, with a card "Where there is you, there is home" stuffed inside, which he could see as long as he opened it. Unexpectedly, Chen Juyi, this idiot, didn't open it at all, and was only thinking about helping him with his work. Fang Ling did not give up, and while guiding Chen Juyi, she said that there were more important things than work, and after thinking about it, Chen Juyi said that it was the child. Fang Ling really didn't expect that he would fall in love with such a dull man.


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