Yan Dongsheng personally sent the promotion application form submitted by Youcai Trading to Wang Youcai, and Chen Juyi saw his purpose at a glance. After Wang Youcai sent Yan Dongsheng away, he went to find Chen Juyi. Wang Youcai was also very smart. He knew that Yan Dongsheng was here to win him over. Although he didn't like Yan Dongsheng, Fang Ling's situation in the company was about to end. There is no way, if Fang Ling is really not in Si Kaiqi, then he will only be able to hug Yan Dongsheng's thigh in the future.

Si Kaiqi's Human Resources Director, Vivienne, has already received the news that Fang Ling met with the headhunter. She called Fang Ling in her own name, hoping that she could patiently wait for the company's decision. After all, the company is currently hiring people. Fang Ling's business ability is indeed very strong, so the company will not give up this talent easily.

Si Kaiqi is still investigating Fang Ling. The video of Meng Xing's uproar in the company was brought up by the company to explain the matter. Now they have shifted their attention to the personal relationship between Fang Ling and Chen Juyi, which means that she has given up on her. Chen Juyi's sending of the email may have been intentional, and it involved Fang Ling's professional ethics. Next, in order to prove his innocence, Fang Ling could only try his best to find evidence that the relationship between himself and Chen Juyi was not "cohabitation" in the sense that everyone understood. Chen Juyi thought the matter was very simple. They had reported the case at the time, and the police at the police station could help testify. Fang Ling didn't expect Chen Juyi to come up with a solution so quickly, and his mood improved instantly.

In order to catch up with Fang Ling, Shi Lei now started a roundabout tactic. He invited Meng Tian to dinner to learn about Yang Yang's interests and hobbies. Meng Tian didn't expect that Shi Lei hadn't given up yet. As her good friend, Fang Ling also hoped that Fang Ling could find a good home as soon as possible. So I told him everything Shi Lei wanted to know, and Shi Lei took out a small notebook to record patiently.

After Shi Lei and Meng Tian finished eating, they called Fang Ling. He wanted to ask Fang Ling to have dinner together. Chen Juyi saw Fang Ling's caller ID and signaled that he should avoid it. Fang Ling felt that it was completely unnecessary, and turned on the speakerphone in front of him. Fang Ling didn't want to have dinner with him at first, but Shi Lei didn't give up, Fang Ling couldn't refuse, so he agreed to have dinner with him the day after tomorrow.

Manna has been pregnant for almost three months and her stomach is still very flat. Manna was worried that she would not be able to handle the fake pregnancy, so she ran to Meng Xing in the middle of the night to test her tone and wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, Meng Xing still has this basic common sense, knowing that a man and a woman cannot share the same room after three months of pregnancy, otherwise the two of them would not sleep in separate rooms. Manna left the room angrily.

Chen Juyi and Fang Ling went to the police station to find the policeman who handled their case before, but the policeman could only testify that they were indeed cheated in buying a house, but could not prove whether there was any relationship between them. The police failed in this line, and the two had no choice but to ask Shi Lei for help. Shi Lei asked for a long time, but he couldn't find any evidence that they were just sharing the rent.

In the evening Shi Lei went to Fang Ling's house with gifts and bought a bunch of toys for Yang Yang, the two of them had a great time playing. Yangyang is getting along very close with Shi Lei now, and she still doesn't want him to leave. It was Fang Ling who saw that it was getting late, and reminded Shi Lei from the side that it was time to leave. Shi Lei understood what Fang Ling meant and left quickly.


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