Fang Ling's company had a problem and decided to carry out a strategic reorganization, and layoffs had already begun. Some colleagues in the company have reported Fang Ling and closed her office. Fang Ling will face the company's scrutiny next. It was the first time for a strong woman in the workplace to cry. They didn't expect the company to humiliate people so much. Fang Ling knew very well that this was Yan Dongsheng's method to compete with him for a job.

Bai Jingjing's company has a cooperative relationship with Si Kaiqi, and now the cooperation between them is suddenly suspended. Bai Jingjing is worried that Si Kaiqi will make a big move, so she specially reminds Chen Juyi to pay attention so as not to affect their business. Mr. Wang also heard the relevant news, so he arranged for Chen Juyi to go to Fang Ling to find out about his work. When they were talking about work, Yan Dongsheng came to Fang Ling with the handover form. Fang Ling was very surprised, and Yan Dongsheng asked her to go to the HR department. Fang Ling went to find Vivienne, the person in charge of HR, but he didn't expect that his old friend for many years did not show any mercy to him. Fang Ling asked Vivienne to send an email to him and copy it to the president. Everything should be done in the open, and Vivienne said that he would ask the above for instructions. Fang Ling applied for leave and waited for the company's review.

Bai Jingjing was working in Shanghai recently, and asked Chen Juyi to send Yueyue to live with her for a few days. After Yueyue left, Aunt Guo decided to live in Yueyue's room without authorization. Chen Juyi couldn't say anything when he saw it, Fang Ling felt sorry, and said in front of Chen Juyi that when Yueyue came back, let her mother move out.

Fang Ling was quickly reviewed by the company. Fang Ling always acted according to the rules, and the sales discounts for Talented Trade were also above the red line stipulated by the company, and they were also prices that could be adjusted within the scope of his authority. Facing the first review, she calmly and calmly dealt with it.

Fang Ling didn't expect to be found out that she made a mistake in sending the cost of the product to Youcai Trading. That matter was indeed Fang Ling's mistake, but she had already dealt with it, and it did not cause any loss to the company. It would be a very troublesome thing to be targeted by villains. Now that Fang Ling was communicating with Wang Youcai in the office, she was deemed to be accepting bribes from dealers. Fang Ling's matter was brought up because her assistant Barbie, Yan Dongsheng had a chat with Barbie once, and Yan Dongsheng actually wanted to use her hand to make Fang Ling leave. Ever since Barbie met Yan Dongsheng, Fang Ling's attitude has also changed 180 degrees.

Fang Ling noticed Barbie's strangeness, so he took the initiative to communicate with her. After understanding the situation, he realized that Barbie was fooled by Yan Dongsheng and fell into his tricks. Fang Ling told Barbie that no company would welcome a whistleblower, and if she resigned, she would not stay any longer. Barbie realized her wrong behavior and sincerely apologized to Fang Ling.

Fang Ling has been under scrutiny by the company, and she has a clear conscience. She has never accepted bribes in the workplace for so many years, and she will not be afraid no matter how the superiors scrutinize her. On the contrary, it was Yan Dongsheng, who had a lot of bribes. Fang Ling knew very well. If she reported to the company, would Yan Dongsheng be able to withstand the company's scrutiny? Yan Dongsheng panicked when he heard Fang Ling's words.

Chen Juyi and Wang Youcai went to Sikaiqi's company to find Vivienne, testified for Fang Ling, and signed a clarification certificate. The reorganization of Sikaiqi Company spread widely in the industry, and the headhunters were also moved by the news. Fang Ling met with a headhunter, who was fully prepared and gave her a very complete job selection plan. company of. Before Yan Dongsheng officially became the director, he had already started to win over his team. He personally visited Wang Youcai at Youcai Company.


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