Shi Lei asked them about negotiating with the scammers, and he also analyzed Aunt Guo's matter from his professional point of view. This matter was voluntary, and the police could not interfere. After hearing what he said, Aunt Guo almost fell ill again. Seeing this, Shi Lei quickly changed his mind and said that he would send a lawyer's letter to the other party. Aunt Guo knew that she believed him to be right. Now she is very optimistic about Shi Lei, and she even calls him Xiao Lei, a very intimate name. She really wants to match Fang Ling and Shi Lei , repeatedly told Shi Lei to stay for dinner. Aunt Guo's attitude towards Shi Lei made Chen Juyi a little jealous.

As expected, Shi Lei sent a lawyer's letter, and he took Aunt Guo to meet Professor Huang who lied to him. This person was the driver who wanted to blackmail Fang Ling. Professor Huang was also scared when he received the lawyer's letter, and respectfully returned the 30,000 yuan in full. Aunt Guo was very happy, she looked at Shi Lei with new admiration again.

On the way to send Aunt Guo home, Shi Lei took the opportunity to inquire about Fang Ling's hobbies. Although Fang Ling rejected him last time, he still did not give up. In addition, Aunt Guo is also an assist, and she still has a chance. Aunt Guo told Shi Lei that Fang Ling likes to eat sweets and travel, but because of the child, the number of trips is now less. Shi Lei immediately said that he also likes to travel, and it happens that he will have annual leave soon, so he can take Fang Ling to travel together. Aunt Guo also reminded Shi Lei that Fang Ling had just experienced a failed marriage, and hoped that Shi Lei could be patient and give Fang Ling more time to accept it.

Yangyang misses his father, he is very depressed, and he doesn't know how to talk to his mother, so he can only say that he wants to find the old engineering corps toys. Fang Ling understood what Yangyang meant, and sent him to his grandparents' house the next day. Fang Ling didn't stay, but handed him over to Meng Tian. Yangyang went home to find his father, his former bedroom was now a warehouse, in a mess, Yangyang’s engineering corps toys were also thrown away by Manna, Yangyang was very angry and yelled at her as a bad aunt. Meng Tian couldn't understand their appearance, so she dragged Yang Yang back to her parents' house. Yang Yang immediately complained to his grandfather, while Meng Tian was on the sidelines. Seeing that the situation was not good, Meng Xing dragged Manna to apologize to her parents and Yangyang. He also deliberately reprimanded Manna in front of his father, but Meng's father didn't accept his tricks at all, and asked them to leave his home.

Fang Ling came to pick up Yang Yang at his grandparents' house in the afternoon, and brought gifts to the old couple. Although she now calls the old couple uncle and aunt, she always regards her father-in-law as her father in her heart. After all, she has only called one person father since she was a child. Fang Ling took Yangyang and the old couple through the house transfer procedures. Fang Ling made it clear that this house would always be Yangyang's. If Meng Xing's father wanted to take back the house one day, he could do it at any time.

When Manna learned that the house had been transferred to Yangyang, she began to give Meng Xing bad ideas. She wanted Meng Xing to compete with Fang Ling for Yangyang's custody. Meng Xing knew very well that Fang Ling's conditions in all aspects were better than his own, so his chances of winning were not great. Manna kept reminding Meng Xing from the side that apart from some financial considerations, it also depends on the child's own wishes, so they started to please Yangyang in various ways. After all, he is still a child, as long as he is happy with someone, he can choose who to follow.

Meng Xing and Manna took Yangyang to the playground. Yangyang was playing on the merry-go-round and was bullied by other children. Meng Xing chatted with Manna and didn't see it at all. Yangyang was wronged, and ran to Meng Xing and clamored to find his mother. Meng Xing couldn't coax him down, so he had to contact Fang Ling to pick up the child. Meng Xing mistakenly thought that Fang Ling was speaking ill of him behind his back, and the conversation between the two was full of gunpowder. Fortunately, it was in front of the child, otherwise Meng Xing might not have been able to say anything.

Shi Lei was rejected by Fang Ling, this was something he didn't expect, he asked Meng Tian to go to the bar for a drink, complaining that his love life was not smooth. While the two were chatting, Meng Tian saw Lin Feng and his current incumbent. Lin Feng's incumbent deliberately found it unpleasant, and ran to Meng Tian with a strange look. Shi Lei guessed the relationship between them through their conversation, and couldn't get used to it With Xiaosan's face, she took the initiative to admit that she was Meng Tian's boyfriend, and deliberately showed her affection in front of them. Lin Feng couldn't hold back his face, so he had to leave with his incumbent.

Aunt Guo participated in a tour group for the elderly and met an old man who talked a lot. Aunt Guo couldn't bear it, so she didn't continue to travel with her, and returned home with her luggage. It turned out that it was arranged by the Chen family father and son, and they could calm down by letting the old lady go out for a few days. They also wanted to use this opportunity to introduce a wife to Aunt Guo. Unexpectedly, this happened to be the most taboo thing for Aunt Guo. Aunt Guo found out about their little plan, and when she got home, she saw Father Chen there, and the two had a conflict.


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