Fang Ling was frightened by Shi Lei's sudden kiss. Facing Shi Lei's confession, she could only thank Shi Lei for his kindness. After all, her current situation was very different from Shi Lei's. Ling knew very well that Shi Lei's heartbeat might not last long, after all, a feather in life is better than love at first sight. Shi Lei thought that Fang Ling's concerns were not a problem for him at all. Regardless of age or family, he still hoped that Fang Ling would give him a chance to pursue her. Fang Ling told Shi Lei directly that he was not his type. This sentence gave Shi Lei a fatal blow, which meant that he had no chance at all.

Chen Juyi and Shi Lei played badminton together, Chen Juyi played very fiercely, Shi Lei stopped in time, he saw that Chen Juyi was preoccupied, and Shi Lei was also very straightforward, saying that if Chen Juyi liked Fang Ling and wanted to chase her, he could quit at any time, Chen Juyi didn't say anything To be honest, I just told Shi Lei that he was under too much pressure recently, so he was in a bad mood.

Ever since Fang Ling and Meng Xing divorced, Meng Xing's career has been worsening day by day. Meng Xing's mother is very worried about the child. Seeing that his wife doesn't care about her son's affairs at all, she sighs at home all day long. Meng Xing's father told his wife that Meng Xing's company was very successful before because of Fang Ling's presence, and many customers cooperated with Meng Xing only because of Fang Ling's face. Now that everyone knows that they are divorced, they naturally withdraw up. In fact, Meng Xing's father has been saving money. If Meng Xing's company goes bankrupt, this money can make him come back. If Meng Xing is not suitable for starting a business, then he will work honestly, and this money will also be used for him when the time comes. , Meng Xing's mother was relieved when she heard his wife say that.

Meng Xing's mother had neglected Meng Tian for the past few days because of her son's affairs. She went to Meng Tian's room to see her and found out that Meng Tian's relationship was wrong, and told her about Meng Xing's father's arrangement for the two houses. After Meng Xing's mother went out, Man Ni came in to please Meng Tian, but she didn't expect her hot face to be put on her cold ass. Meng Tian deliberately told about the ownership of the house, and Man Ni became angry all of a sudden, and went to make trouble with Meng Xing. In order to appease him, Meng Xing decided to ask his father for clarification. Manny was worried that Meng Xing would misunderstand, and deliberately said that she was doing it for the child, otherwise the child would lose the house in the future.

Meng Xing went to his father to argue, thinking that Fang Ling had instigated his father's actions, but was severely educated by his father. Meng Xing felt that it was absurd for the father-in-law to divorce his daughter-in-law, and this sentence angered his father. Meng Xing went to the company to find Fang Ling. Meng Xing opened his mouth and Fang Ling had no good words. She suspected that Fang Ling wanted the Meng family's house in the name of Yang Yang. Fang Ling was at a loss and had no idea what he was talking about.

In order to find out the situation, Fang Ling had no choice but to find Meng Tian. She told Meng Tian about Meng Xing's commotion at the company. Meng Tian was completely on Fang Ling's side. Meng Xing won't spend a penny on all the things, and she can also issue a certificate on the house, but it's just lame and has nothing to do with her. In fact, Fang Ling is quite grateful to the old man. She has no father, and it is her husband who gave her father's love. In fact, she still wanted to visit the old couple, but because of Meng Xing, it was not very convenient to go by herself.

Meng Tian found out that Manny was still wearing high heels during her pregnancy. She thought it was strange. She asked Fang Ling if she could wear high heels and drink alcohol when she was pregnant. Fang Ling said of course not, but she was also very surprised. , thinking that Meng Tian was pregnant before she was married, Meng Tian thought it was funny, how could she be so irrational. Then they talked about other things, and the matter passed.

Fang Ling's mother spent 30,000 yuan on skin care products outside. Afterwards, she felt that there was something wrong with it, so she went to the store to return the product the next day. There was a mistake, and even if she made a fuss, the store would not refund the money. The old lady returned home as if she had lost her soul, and locked herself in the room. Chen Juyi noticed something strange, broke in and found Fang Ling's mother fainted on the bed.

After Chen Juyi sent his aunt to the hospital, he contacted Fang Ling. Fang Ling rushed to the hospital as soon as he got the news. Chen Juyi told Fang Ling about his aunt's situation. Seeing this, he quickly pulled Fang Ling away.

Fang Ling's mother contacted Shi Lei to pick her up from the hospital, but Fang Ling didn't know about it, and found out that her mother was gone when she got to the ward, and only after contacting her mother did she find out that she had gone home. Fang Ling's mother approached Shi Lei because she wanted him to help her solve the problem of being cheated as a lawyer.


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