Chen Juyi and Fang Ling's mother rented together during this period, and it was very miserable. Fang Ling's mother thought that Chen Juyi was wasting water by taking a bath twice a day, so she turned off the tap valve while he was taking a bath. Fang Ling's mother locked the door on purpose to prevent Bai Jingjing from entering, thinking that they were deceiving too much. As expected, Bai Jingjing and Fang Ling's mother had a quarrel, and Chen Juyi and her father could only act as peacemakers, because there is currently no solution to this matter.

Fortunately, with Father Chen around, he was able to stabilize Bai Jingjing, and Father Chen also advised her not to quarrel with Fang Ling's family anymore. It is best for everyone to take a step back, and now Fang Ling has moved out. Bai Jingjing said frankly that she was worried that Chen Juyi would suffer, but the old man felt that he was an adult and could handle some things well by herself. Chen's father also watched Bai Jingjing grow up, and she was his daughter. Since she has no fate with Chen Juyi, I hope she can pay more attention to her own affairs, and it would be good to find someone who can accompany her.

Father Chen is a reasonable person. He taught Chen Juyi to think differently. After all, the old man is for the sake of his children and grandchildren. In everything, he should follow the old lady. It takes wisdom to get along with Fang Ling's mother. Chen Juyi understands what his father means, and he himself does not There will be conflicts with Fang Ling's mother. Before leaving, Father Chen asked Chen Juyi to seize the opportunity, and if he missed Fang Ling, he would feel sorry for him. Although Shi Lei is now pursuing Fang Ling, Fang Ling has not expressed his opinion, so Chen Juyi still has a chance.

Chen Juyi couldn't sleep at night, looking at Fang Ling's circle of friends, recalling what happened after they lived together, with a happy smile on his face, but he still didn't learn how to express his emotions, and even sent a message to Fang Ling to say hello None of the courage. The next day Chen Juyi was eating in the living room, and Fang Ling's mother sat quietly next to him to scare him. Fang Ling's mother asked Chen Juyi about Shi Lei's information, and Chen Juyi told the truth. I didn't say anything bad about my brother.

Shi Lei also worked very hard to pursue Fang Ling, and he also went to Chen Juyi to learn from him. Chen Juyi knew that Shi Lei was a good person, but if he wanted to be with Fang Ling who had just been hurt emotionally with his child, he needed to think carefully. Shi Lei thought that he fell in love with Fang Ling at first sight, that is love, and he was ready for everything.

Shi Lei and Fang Ling made an agreement that he would take Yang Yang to the playground on weekends, and he would go to Fang Ling's residence to pick up Yang Yang himself. While there was still time, he sent Fang Ling to the company first and then took Yang Yang to the playground. On the way, because Shi Lei received a work call, he asked Yang Yang to play by himself, so he went to the car to find the contract, but when he came back, he found that Yang Yang had disappeared. In desperation, he had no choice but to inform Fang Ling of this matter first. Fang Ling put down his work and rushed to the playground to find Yangyang with Shi Lei. Through the surveillance of the playground, they saw that Yangyang had walked out of the playground by himself. Fang Ling became even more worried, worried that Yangyang would meet bad guys outside or be hit by a car, Shi Lei never thought that such a big thing would happen when he was alone with Yangyang.

Chen Juyi knew that Fang Ling's mother couldn't smell the oily smoke because of her health, so she didn't usually make breakfast at home, so she took Yueyue out to eat. Unexpectedly, Fang Ling's mother took this opportunity to change the door lock of the house, and deliberately went out to dance in the square when she was not at home. Chen Juyi and Yueyue had no way to enter the house, so they had to sit on the stairs and wait. After all, Yueyue was a child and got tired soon, so she fell asleep on her father's shoulder. Fang Ling's mother came home and looked at Yueyue who was sleeping soundly in her arms with Chen Juyi. Because Yueyue was bitten by many mosquitoes outside, Fang Ling's mother felt a little guilty when she saw it.

At this time, Yangyang took a taxi back home by himself. Fortunately, he met a kind driver, Master, who took him home. Chen Juyi helped pay the fare. Fang Ling and Shi Lei hurried home when they got the news. The child was found, and everyone was relieved. Shi Lei was embarrassed to stay at home for too long, so he left in a sensible way.

After Fang Ling took Yangyang home at night, Yangyang made a fuss about playing with Yueyue. He wanted to go back and "threatened" Fang Ling with a hunger strike. Yueyue sent a video call to Fang Ling and told about what happened at home in the past few days. He also said that he missed Fang Ling and Yangyang. Fang Ling didn't expect her mother to do such an unreasonable thing. To appease Yueyue, she would go to talk to her mother. Yueyue also wanted to play with Yangyang, and Yangyang promised Fang Ling to have a good meal by herself in order to go back to see Yueyue as soon as possible.


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