Fang Ling, an urban professional woman, has a happy family, a lovely son, and a thriving career. As soon as she arrived at the door of the company, she was blessed by her colleagues. Everyone congratulated her on her promotion and becoming the acting director of the marketing department.

When Fang Ling was having a meeting with everyone in the conference room, an uninvited guest broke into the conference room. She reported her family name as Manna, and she was pregnant with Fang Ling's husband Meng Xing's child. Fang Ling suspended the meeting and communicated with Manna. Manna acted as if she was the real wife, and hoped that Fang Ling could divorce Meng Xing. Fang Ling couldn't understand why the mistress in the position was so confident. As an independent woman in the new era, Fang Ling did not quarrel with her husband. She chose to leave home with her son, hoping that both parties could calm down. But she didn't tell the parents of both parties about this matter, nor did she tell Meng Xing. Maybe Fang Ling is in the Mercury retrograde period, and everything is not going well. After experiencing her husband's betrayal, she encountered a house sale scam. She took her son Yangyang to the new house, but was shocked by the scene inside. There were furniture in the house and the sound of someone taking a bath in the bathroom.

Fang Ling bravely walked to the door of the bathroom, wanting to find out, but it happened that the door opened suddenly, and she lost her footing and almost fell, and fell into the arms of a muscular man. This man is Chen Juyi, he bought this house through an intermediary, but Fang Ling is also the buyer of this house, and has already paid half of the house price. The two went to the police station to resolve the matter. After understanding their situation, the police judged that they should have encountered a scam of selling one house and two houses. The intermediary they could not contact should have run away with money.

The two sides were at a stalemate, and the police suggested that they live under the same roof for the time being. Of course, Chen Juyi and Fang Ling would not agree to this. At this moment, our respective moving companies had already shipped the furniture to the entrance of the community. So the two had to go home first. The furniture of the two people shared the living room space, but the furniture styles were different. Chen Juyi's furniture was solid black, while Fang Ling's furniture was bright white, which naturally matched the whole house. Fang Ling hopes that Chen Juyi can move out in a week, but Chen Juyi just thinks Fang Ling is unreasonable. When Meng Xing came home, he found that his wedding photo was gone. Mother Meng also found it strange, not knowing what Fang Ling was going to do. She blamed Meng Xing for not living a good life and doing ridiculous things. Meng Xing knew he was in the wrong, so he never dared to answer his mother-in-law's calls.

Meng Xing finally contacted Fang Ling. Fang Ling said that everyone should calm down for a while, and hung up the phone without saying anything else. Fang Ling took Yangyang to grandma's house, and she repeatedly told her son to keep the moving matter a secret. Yangyang was very smart, and he promised to keep his mouth shut in front of his mother. Fang Ling suffered emotional betrayal and didn't want his family to worry about it, so he could only go to his girlfriends to vomit his bitterness. Both Ruoshui and Luo Hong supported Fang Ling to leave Meng Xing, and followed Fang Ling to the house to "deal with" Chen Juyi. It's just that they didn't expect that Chen Juyi was quite handsome, so the three of them joked, and the group of girlfriends thought that Fang Ling could take Chen Juyi down, so that the house would be obtained as a matter of course.

Fang Ling couldn't bear to listen, so he stopped the conversation in time. Fang Ling drove out of the community and collided with the car in front. The situation was not serious, but the other party wanted to blackmail Fang Ling and asked for 5,000 yuan. Fortunately, Shi Lei showed up in time to "save the beauty". The other driver was speechless. In the end, Fang Ling only paid 300 yuan in compensation. Shi Lei looked at Fang Ling's back, a little lost in thought. Shi Lei is Chen Juyi's friend, and the reason why he met Fang Ling this time is also because Chen Juyi asked him to help read the house purchase contract.

Chen Juyi is the sales manager of Youcai Trading, because the sales performance of the Xiexin counter they are in charge of is not good, and they are facing the situation of being cut off. Chen Juyi was pressured by his boss. In order to keep the counter, he took Shi Lei to Sikaiqi Company to negotiate. It's not that friends don't get together, it's unexpected that the director Chen Juyi met was Fang Ling.


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