Ye Rongxuan's mother still insisted on letting Xu Man become their daughter-in-law, but Xu Man and Ye Rongxuan belonged to each other. Ye Rongxuan deliberately brought Zhou Ran to his mother and Xu Man's father, announcing that the girl he really liked was in front of him. The scene was so embarrassing However, Ye Rongxuan's mother was helpless, she couldn't say anything about her son actually doing this.

Xu Man also came with Guo Rui. Zhou Ran and Guo Rui looked at each other, but the former lover became someone else's partner. Zhou Ran had mixed feelings. When Xu Man and Ye Rongxuan went to send their parents off, Guo Rui mocked Zhou Ran Aesthetic tastes have changed, and she has become a materialistic woman so quickly. Zhou Ran is not to be outdone, and has become a wealthy daughter. Her job and prospects are very good. Guo Rui is moved. In fact, he is not without feelings for Zhou Ran. Personally, I have reached the point of discussing marriage. Later, because of the cold reality, Guo Rui didn't want to live in such a miserable and miserable life, so Guo Rui proposed to break up.

Not long after, Xu Man's father asked Guo Rui to go to the office at the company. He originally wanted to do Guo Rui's ideological work and let him understand that the two were not suitable, but Guo Rui talked about the relationship between him and Xu Man. How great, seeing Guo Rui change the subject, Xu Man's father couldn't help but put forward two conditions, first let Guo Rui do notarization of pre-marital property, and then if they really get together in the future, they will marry into their family, so that it is convenient to watch their daughter without suffering . These two points are difficult for men to accept, but Guo Rui actually agreed.

Xu Man came to the company to find Guo Rui, and when he heard her boyfriend went to the chairman's office, Xu Man was in a state of confusion, not knowing what her father would talk to her boyfriend. After a while, Guo Rui came out, and he said with a smile that the chairman was not embarrassing He, and promised them to continue their relationship.

When Zhou Ran's mother went to clean her daughter's room, she saw a magazine carefully hidden on her daughter's bed. On the cover of the magazine was her daughter and another man. It was impressively written that Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan were in love. Her daughter has a good home, and she has seen the boy on the cover of the magazine. When she went to Guo Rui's company to make a big fuss, it was this boy who helped her. She had a very good impression of him back then.

During the meal, the mother took out the magazine and asked her daughter if she was in love, and also asked if the rich boy had contact with him. The media said that the parents of the rich boy were not easy to communicate with. I was happy, and immediately suggested that Zhou Ran bring the son of the rich family to the house. She also had to look at it. Just bite the bullet and agree.

Zhou Ran confides his anxiety to his best friend, and her best friend suggests that she might as well use a beauty trick. Few men will reject a beautiful girl, which makes sense. The next day, Zhou Ran put on a down jacket, and even wore a very sexy off-the-shoulder underwear inside. She wanted to show off in Ye Rongxuan's office, but she couldn't do it because the heating in the office was turned on. Zhou Ran was wearing a thick down jacket, but he didn't dare to unzip it.

It was really impossible to talk to Ye Rongxuan in a coquettish manner, so Zhou Ran plucked up the courage to issue an ultimatum, asking Ye Rongxuan to go home with her for dinner at night. As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Ye Rongxuan's refusal, and mentioned the contract saying that he had no obligation to help her return home. The family lied. 10,000 sentences have already been rushed in Zhou Ran's mind, if a scumbag is a scumbag, don't expect him to treat you better.

Zhou Ran was wrapped in a down jacket and was worrying about how to go home to deal with his mother. Ye Rongxuan wanted to take Zhou Ran for a ride in the car, but when he saw Zhou Ran's cold face, he stepped on the accelerator and left. Back home, Zhou Ran saw Ye Rongxuan sitting on the sofa, his eyes were straight, his mother and Ye Rongxuan chatted speculatively, Ye Rongxuan actually went to her house in advance, and in order to build a good relationship, he even gave Zhou Ran's mother a gift. Only five hundred thousand jade bracelets. When Zhou Ran saw the price on the label, he was startled, and immediately asked his mother to return it. The mother was very optimistic about Ye Rongxuan, and immediately took the bracelet as her own, and reminded Zhou Ran to seize the opportunity.


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