Because of the incident of tampering with the designer's work, Zhou Ran was held accountable by Royage Company. In the staff meeting, the leaders above the supervisor suggested that Zhou Ran should be fired to settle the matter. They also said that because Zhou Ran was the editor-in-chief's girlfriend, they should pay more attention to it. The so-called Only by serving as a warning to others will you be able to convince the public in the future. Ye Rongxuan's mother was also there at the time, and she didn't express her opinion. Ye Rongxuan listened carefully to the supervisor's feedback. He felt that the company should not fire employees as soon as problems arise. Should there be a little mistake, she should not miss the old love. Zhou Ran was very grateful when she heard Ye Rongxuan speak for her outside the office.

A few days later, Zhou Ran accompanies her best friend to get her nails done. Hearing what happened to her recently, her best friend can't help but say that since she likes the fashion industry, she should pay more attention to her grooming, which represents the company's image. Zhou Ran lamented that she was reluctant to spend money on weekdays, and always wanted to save money to buy a house for her boyfriend, but now that they have broken up, saving money doesn't matter anymore. After thinking about it, Zhou Ran immediately went to a large clothing store to buy a new outfit for herself.

On the second day, Zhou Ran stood in front of Ye Rongxuan with a new look and delivered the documents. He had never seen Zhou Ran wear such exquisite clothes. Ye Rongxuan's eyes lit up, took the documents, re-examined Zhou Ran's overall outfit, and began to look at her today's color I made a comment on the matching. Although Zhou Ran put on a sleeve over the dull suit, the color contrast is too high. I suggest that she try to find a more harmonious color. Hearing Ye Rongxuan's comment, Zhou Ran thinks that the current person It's not that annoying.

Xiao Nan from Yiren Company is very competitive. Seeing that Zhou Ran became Ye Rongxuan's girlfriend, she was full of jealousy. She and Ai Jia went to Party B's company to submit a proposal. I went to the manager hoping to reconsider her plan. Seeing that Xiao Nan was so persistent, Party B's company asked her to change it and send it in the evening.

Xiao Nan didn't have a brilliant plan, and it was too late. She saw no one around at the company at night, so she quietly turned on Zhou Ran's computer and copied her plan to her hard drive. Party B was very satisfied with the plan that Xiaonan got this time, and Dang even decided to accept it.

The next morning, when Ye Rongxuan brought Zhou Ran to Party B's company with a planning proposal, the other party was very surprised to see the exact same planning proposal. Ye Rongxuan showed the planning proposal, Zhou Ran was very surprised, she just finished it yesterday and took it over today, and Party B saw something similar, Ye Rongxuan carefully looked at Xiao Nan's design, Zhou Ran and her usually have a good relationship, and both of them In the same company, since the company of Party B agreed, Ye Rongxuan had no choice but to make the big trouble into a small one.

Zhou Ran chose to keep things quiet, and Ye Rongxuan saw it in the whole process. In order to reward Zhou Ran, Ye Rongxuan gave her a pair of limited-edition high heels. Zhou Ran immediately declined this extravagant gift. Ye Rongxuan was already used to it. His girlfriend deserves a more exquisite gift.


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