Tang Yun was annoyed by the photos of the stretch marks, and immediately asked Yunfei to take another set. Yunfei came to Tang Yun's house as scheduled, and saw the planning proposal provided by Yiren on the table. The magazine felt that since it had been exposed, it would be better to Simply admitting that I do have stretch marks, no one is a god, for a mother who has just given birth, it is normal to have stretch marks, and when Tang Yun holds the child in her arms and coaxes him carefully, it is really charming. After Yunfei's explanation, Tang Yun no longer pursued Yiren Magazine's responsibility.

Xu Man likes Guo Rui, so she covers him everywhere in the company. Once she finds out that an old employee is bullying Guo Rui and takes his design as her own, according to the company's practice, the work designed by a new employee must be signed by an old employee. It was brought out by old employees. Xu Man fought for her boyfriend, accused the old employees of bullying the newcomers in public, and finally announced in public that Xu Man was her boyfriend, and no one was allowed to bully him. Immature, for the sake of a newcomer, he offended the old employees who had worked hard for a long time.

Originally, Xu Man supported Guo Rui before announcing it in public, but Guo Rui disliked it. He felt that being announced publicly made him a soft rice boy. That night, Xu Man had a quarrel with his father and had no place to live, so he had to go back to Guo Rui's place for a temporary stay. When the two were dating, Xu Man had enough courage to endure the low-quality life, but every time she went to the bathroom to wash up, she saw a pair of cockroaches, which made her tremble with fear.

Ye Rongxuan was going to bring Zhou Ran to the dinner party, so he specially bought an evening dress for her, and also rented jewelry, waiting for Zhou Ran to try on the size. Zhou Ran went to the jewelry store, and when she heard that she could choose styles at will, she immediately felt that she was treated like a queen, but seeing the radiant jewelry Ye Rongxuan had prepared for her, she decided not to waste time choosing. A little while. She casually asked the clerk how much this set of jewelry was, and when she heard that it was the treasure of the shop and was worth five million, Zhou Ran's eyes widened. Oh my god, a few pieces of jewelry are worth tens of thousands. crazy.

Zhou Ran took the evening dress home, and her mother saw that the slits at the front and back of the dress were very low. Fearing that her daughter would lose everything in this dress, she quietly sewed three inches of the back of the dress with needles.

Yunfei ran into Zhou Ran when he was taking pictures around, saw the girl lost in thought, and felt very charming with every frown and smile, so he stepped forward, greeted politely and wanted to add a WeChat. Zhou Ran just took out the jewelry, thinking that it was worth five million yuan, she felt suspicious when she saw everyone passing by on the road, Yun Fei came up to strike up a conversation, was frightened by Zhou Ran, and immediately waved and fled.

In the high-end club at night, when Zhou Ran was wearing an evening gown and holding Ye Rongxuan's arm and began to perform, Ye Rongxuan told her to be careful not to make mistakes tonight, because many business owners and designers were present, and her mother was also present. Nodding, Ye Rongxuan sharply saw the white seam on the back of Zhou Ran's evening dress, and immediately put his arms around Zhou Ran's waist to cover it. Anyone who tampers with the designer's work without permission will be prosecuted. Originally, Ye Rongxuan sat for a while and wanted to take Zhou Ran back, but Ye Rongxuan's ex-girlfriend came, saw Zhou Ran's evening dress, and deliberately told the designer of the dress, but the designer was furious, and asked Zhou Ran why he tampered with him. s work.


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