Tony is the spokesperson of Yiren Magazine, but there have been scandals recently. In order to clear up the relationship, the brand that Tony originally endorsed has changed people one after another. Ye Rongxuan is also planning to change the spokesperson considering the impact on the magazine.

Zhou Ran met Mr. Tony, and thought he was very kind, and there would be no news of cheating. In order to tell the public the truth, Zhou Ran came to Tony’s rumored girlfriend’s house alone. At first, the other party was very repulsive to the media. After squatting at the door all night, he finally felt compassionate and accepted Zhou Ran's interview.

Yang Xin said that she was pregnant by a scumbag at the beginning, because it was difficult to conceive, and finally chose to give birth to the child. Tony is Yang Xin's college classmate. Since becoming Yang Xin's manager, Tony has also helped take care of the child in life. To prevent popular star Yang Xin from being influenced by an unmarried mother, Tony declared that he was the father of the child. In fact, the two were not married, so they broke up after they broke up, and there was no cheating.

Zhou Ran immediately told Ye Rongxuan the news he had investigated. After carefully listening to the feedback, Ye Rongxuan felt that this report could be done, but not in a way of clarification, but as a testimony of a love. Ye Rongxuan did not believe that Yang Xin would After all, the two had broken up, and it was about Yang Xin's personal privacy, but when Yang Xin's daughter heard that her father was in trouble, she begged her mother to help Tony, and Yang Xin's heart softened when she heard that her father was in trouble. Zhou Ran called and was willing to be interviewed.

This report has been published, and the popularity of the magazine has increased immediately. Zhou Ran felt that she had done a good job in the investigation and asked Ye Rongxuan to give him a reward. The two of them got off work together. Zhou Ran was still in a pink dream and couldn't extricate herself. One heart, white head inseparable" This is just an unrealistic fantasy of people, and love is also caused by hormone secretion. Hearing Ye Rongxuan's cold analysis, Zhou Ran's scalp tingled a little. Although they were all young people, Ye Rongxuan was rational and scary.

Zhou Ran recently approached Tang Yun as an endorsement. When Tang Yun was screening the photos, she told the magazine to edit the pictures of the stretch marks around the lower abdomen immediately. With one glance, let her do it quickly. No one thought about it. Originally, the photos had been edited and published in magazines, but a large number of original pictures without edits leaked out on the Internet, and many people discussed it privately. Early in the morning, Zhou Ran received a call from a colleague, and was told that the mailbox where the photos flowed into the Internet belonged to Zhou Ran.

Zhou Ran was taken aback. She had never done such a thing before. Who did it? Tang Yun rushed into Yiren Magazine angrily with her agent. Ye Rongxuan and the public relations of the whole company were apologizing for this incident. Zhou Ran's desk soon became the target of public criticism. Tang Yun rushed away angrily. Zhou Ran explained to Ye Rongxuan why She didn't do it, but now I can't find out who used her computer. She was reprimanded by Ye Rongxuan, and Zhou Ran was also angry. One person does something and the other takes responsibility, but she didn't do it. Water splashed on her.


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