Ye Rongxuan took Zhou Ran home to meet his mother, and specially prepared a mink coat for Zhou Ran. It was the first time for Zhou Ran to wear such expensive clothes. Ye Rongxuan’s home was a villa, and his eyes were full of resplendent and magnificent paintings and antiques. Express thankfulness.

Ye Rongxuan's mother knew at a glance that this person was a person who had never seen the world. He drank coffee as loudly as he drank water, so he burned his mouth. When Zhou Ran went to the bathroom, Ye Rongxuan's mother reminded her son that this woman was not suitable for him, and even questioned whether her son blamed her for Siyan's affairs, so she just found a girl to get away with it.

Zhou Ran also heard Siyan's name by accident. She felt that this girl should be very important to Ye Rongxuan. The two of them went back together. Ye Rongxuan praised her for her good performance today and gave her a dress as a reward. Zhou Ran thought it would be nice to give her clothes. It's just that when Ye Rongxuan put his arms around his waist in front of his mother, it felt really bad. Ye Rongxuan reminded her that in the contract, there must be interactions between couples in public places, and there will be many such scenes in the future, so Zhou Ran must be mentally prepared to wear the dress that was given to her to work tomorrow.

On the second day, Zhou Ran was startled when she saw the clothes on Ye Rongxuan. The two were dressed in couple shirts. Ye Rongxuan took her by the shoulders and came to the colleagues, announcing that they were lovers, and let the company's employees Work with peace of mind and improve your performance. Zhou Ran was almost suffocated by the murderous eyes of her female colleague. In order to help Ye Rongxuan perform well, she deliberately squeezed out a smile of enjoyment to prove that what Ye Rongxuan said was true.

Chen Fei finally received a call from her boyfriend. She thought he would choose to be with her, but unexpectedly, apart from the candlelight dinner and flower cake, his boyfriend actually gave her a jasper earring as a gift. Is it a diamond ring? Chen Fei was disappointed, as expected, he was still a "third party" in the eyes of outsiders. She angrily threw away the flowers and walked away.

Seeing Chen Fei coming home drunk, Liang Wei knew that there was something wrong with her relationship without thinking about it. Liang Wei gave her boiled water to sober her up and comforted her. Human eyes can distinguish fifty colors with different contrasts. , but you can't tell the good from the bad guys, so don't be too harsh on yourself, and live in the moment. Liang Wei's words were like timely rain. Chen Fei felt enlightened when he heard it, and he really lived well in the present moment, and he should no longer have illusions about that irresponsible person.

Xu Man sticks to Guo Rui's side whenever he is free. This day, when Guo Rui's project assessment is due, Xu Man goes to help out in person. At first, Guo Rui disliked her for being too late, but he didn't expect that his plan would be unanimously approved. Guo Rui was very happy to get such a big project for the first time. Xu Man's good friend Yun Fei saw Guo Rui, and was very surprised by Xu Man's eyes. When Guo Rui proposed to break up with Zhou Ran, he was also having dinner that day. A scumbag and a hypocrite, Yunfei reminded Xu Man to be rational when dealing with love, and make a decision after fully understanding the other person's character.


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