Waking up in the morning, Zhou Ran saw that she was wearing a bathrobe. She was very terrified. She felt that Ye Rongxuan must have taken advantage of others to send her to the hotel. When she hurried to the bathroom to wash up, she found that Ye Rongxuan was also in it. This further proved her guess. Zhou Ran immediately called the police. The two sat in the police station to make notes. Zhou Ran heard that the cleaning aunt of the hotel helped her change the clothes, and finally realized that it was a misunderstanding. The police also called in the cleaning to record the evidence. Zhou Ran was very ashamed.

The children of Chen Fei and Liang Wei quickly became friends. She prepared flowers and exquisite tableware in the rented living room. She originally wanted to take a few photos and send them to Moments to anger her husband, but in the end she just saw the other party casually ordering one. Thumbs up. This day happened to be the child's birthday, the child saw the delicious food prepared on the table, and immediately raised his face to see if it was prepared for him. Chen Fei then said that the cake and flowers were for the child. The child was very happy, and Ask Chen Fei to read a letter mailed to him by his mother. After reading the contents of the letter, Chen Fei quickly discovered that the contents of the letter were not written by a woman, which meant that Liang Wei's wife would not come back.

Ye Rongxuan's mother heard that her son was taken to the police station, and it turned out to be related to a girl. She reprimanded her son for being so rash. Blind date girl. He also praised Zhou Ran from head to toe, saying that his family background is good, his education is high, and he is very compatible with him, and his mother shook her head helplessly.

When Xu Man heard that Ye Rongxuan had an affair with the girl, she immediately ran to her father to report it. Anyway, the two were forced to go on a blind date, so Xu Man simply told her father about her boyfriend. When the father heard about Guo Rui, he felt that his daughter was too confused. Guo Rui had been in the company for so many years and hadn't made any impressive achievements. He persuaded his daughter to think again, Xu Man, who was in love, couldn't listen to it, and didn't speak to Guo Rui.

The conversation between Xu Man and the chairman in the office was overheard by the staff, Guo Rui was secretly proud. Seeing Xu Man returning to his seat sullenly, he immediately went over to persuade Xu Man not to be too impulsive. Guo Rui was sure that Xu Man liked her very much, and Just follow her advice, anyway, as long as Xu Man is made happy, her early days are just around the corner.

Zhou Ran returned to the company anxiously and came to Ye Rongxuan's office. She timidly asked Ye Rongxuan how she wanted to punish her, or a month's salary. My friend is the person who plays the role. As long as he helps him get rid of his mother's control, he will compensate Zhou Ran a lot of money. Becoming Ye Rongxuan's girlfriend is the dream of many girls, but Ye Rongxuan refused immediately after hearing it. She angrily reprimanded Ye Rongxuan for taking advantage of others, and she didn't want to do these clumsy acts. The more Zhou Ran refused to agree, the more Ye Rongxuan felt that there was something to be said for it. Anyway, he just wanted to date a girl who had no feelings for him, so that his mother would misunderstand him, and then he would be completely free, without having to worry about the blind date arranged at any time.

Many things backfired. When Zhou Ran returned home, her mother told her with tears that she had just lost 700,000 yuan in stocks, and the house at home could not be kept. Zhou Ran couldn't help screaming, 700,000 yuan! She has never seen so much money in her life, just because her mother's stocks no longer have a comfortable life.

Her father had passed away a long time ago, so Zhou Ran went to Ye Rongxuan after much deliberation. She agreed to be her temporary girlfriend, hoping that Ye Rongxuan would put up 700,000 yuan as a deposit, and said she would take out the contract she had drafted. Ye Rongxuan was very dissatisfied after reading the content of the contract. He proposed to give Zhou Ran one million, provided that the contract he made must be used. In order not to sell the only house in the family, Zhou Ran had no choice but to agree.

Xu Man is always full of curiosity about Guo Rui. After she proposed to go to his house to eat noodles made by herself but was rejected, Xu Man quietly followed him in the car and came to a dilapidated rental house. Finally, she knew that Xu Man was really a big lady. , Even cockroaches are afraid. The more she saw Guo Rui's poor conditions, the more Xu Man felt distressed. She said that there was no problem with the house, and she was willing to endure hardships with him.


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