Seeing Qiao Yue pointing at the photo and trying her best to introduce Yang Yang, Xiaofei knew that Qiao Yue was not lying. She was really Yang Yang's biological mother. Qiao Yue didn't know what her son liked to eat, so she ordered every dish. Qiao Yue invited Xiaofei to sit down and have dinner together. At this time, Xiaofei received a call from Liang Wei. He had already cooked the food at home and asked Xiaofei when he would bring Yangyang back. Qiao Yue knew it was Liang Wei who called, so she took the phone over, said a few words in a hurry, and hung up the phone without caring about Liang Wei's feelings. After Zhou Ran resigned, Ye Rongxuan had no assistant. Dong Siyan offered to help him recruit another assistant, but he refused. Dong Siyan said that she could also be his assistant, but Ye Rongxuan did not agree.

Dong Siyan acted coquettishly and begged Ye Rongxuan to go to the movies with her tonight. Ye Rongxuan did not refuse this request. While in the car, Dong Siyan was thirsty and took some water from the storage box. There were Eva and WALL-E toys from Wall-E inside. Dong Siyan didn’t know that Zhou Ran gave this to Ye Rongxuan, but she said this from the bottom of her heart. The toys are ugly. Ye Rongxuan took the thing away expressionlessly and said lightly that the toy was very cute. This time, after sending Dong Siyan downstairs, Ye Rongxuan still did not go upstairs because he wanted to visit the chairman in the hospital. Qiao Yue sent Xiaofei and Yangyang back. Liang Wei asked Xiaofei to take Yangyang upstairs first. He asked Qiao Yue not to visit Yangyang again in the future. Now their father and son are living well.

After returning home, Liang Wei was upset and ordered his son not to see Qiao Yue again. He then accused Xiaofei of allowing Qiao Yue to take Yangyang away without his consent. Xiaofei couldn't help but quarreled with him for a few words, and Yangyang suddenly lost his temper. As a result, he accidentally fell down the stairs, hit his head and bleeding and fainted. Liang Wei and Xiaofei rushed the child to the hospital, and then Qiao Yue came. Qiao Yue asked to move her son to the VIP ward, and Liang Wei couldn't help arguing with her. However, he never expected that in order to fight for Yangyang's custody rights, Qiao Yue actually took the audio out of context and deliberately recorded it, and only intercepted that part. The recording was very unfavorable to Liang Wei, and then she asked someone to find the best custody lawyer.

Ye Rongxuan went to the hospital to see Zhang Yu and learned that Zhang Yu was lonely in the big house before. At this time, Dong Siyan secretly looked for the 2014 financial statements in the company, but found nothing. Ye Rongxuan found his mother's diary in the mansion. From Zhang Yu's diary, Ye Rongxuan saw a mother who was very strict with him, but her starting point was for his good. For several days, Ye Rongxuan did not go to work, and Zhao Qian deliberately treated Dong Siyan with yin and yang. Qiao Yue's attorney came to her door and played the out-of-context recording, saying that if Liang Wei did not resolve the custody issue with Qiao Yue privately, Liang Wei would receive a court summons. Liang Wei tried to reason with Qiao Yue, but she only wanted to fight for Yangyang's custody rights.

Under the guise of accompanying Ye Rongxuan, Dong Siyan found a financial statement in the Ye family's old house and was almost discovered by Ye Rongxuan. However, she hesitated to make the statement public, but if she did, it would be equivalent to taking away everything from Ye Rongxuan. Zhou Ran's mother talked to Gu Yunfei alone. Gu Yunfei's attitude made Zhou Ran's mother feel that he was very good. Zhou Ran couldn't help crying when she learned that her mother had sold the house. Xiao Fei talks to Qiao Yue, hoping that she will not take Yang Yang away from Liang Wei. For so many years, Liang Wei had raised Yang Yang by himself, and Yang Yang was equivalent to his life. Qiao Yue didn't answer but asked Xiaofei if she loved Liang Wei very much.


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