Her mother asked Zhou Ran to resign so that she could sell the house and pay back Ye Rongxuan's money. My mother said that you can live without money, but you cannot live without self-esteem. Xiao Fei and Liang Wei sent Yang Yang to school together. On the way back, they talked about Zhao Zhongren. Liang Wei was in a good mood when he learned that Xiaofei did not agree. Ai Jia reminded Ye Rongxuan to clear up all public opinion disturbances within three days. Ye Rongxuan actually felt that Ai Jia was resentful because he took her editor-in-chief position. Amy told Zhou Ran about Ye Rongxuan's situation, so Zhou Ran felt that he could not Ye Rongxuan left the company at the most difficult time, so she gave up the idea of ​​resigning. Gu Yunfei asked people to send flowers to Zhou Ran again, but Amy and Zhao Qian were unwilling to ask for them again because their home was almost filled with flowers from Gu Yunfei to Zhou Ran.

Gu Yunfei can be said to be infatuated, waiting for her downstairs at Zhou Ran's house. Zhou Ran's mother didn't appreciate the so-called fashion, and she dismissed Gu Yunfei's clothes as useless from beginning to end. She also said that motorcycles were just meat wrapped in iron and had no safety. Gu Yunfei was trained like a child. Ye Rongxuan sent Dong Siyan home. It was impossible for the two of them to go back to the past, so Ye Rongxuan refused the invitation to sit down. Zhou Ran was taking care of the chairman in the hospital and was seen by Ye Rongxuan who came to the hospital. He boldly invited Zhou Ran to have dinner with him, but the frustrated Zhou Ran refused. When she got home, her mother asked her where she had been when she came back so late. Zhou Ran lied and was exposed by his mother. Her mother asked her to resign, but she didn't listen. She thought the company couldn't leave her.

Yangyang's biological mother took a look at her son outside the school. Later, when Xiaofei took Yangyang home, Yangyang's biological mother asked the driver to follow him. Not long after Xiaofei brought Yangyang into the house, Liang Wei also came back. Yangyang's mother stopped him and the two went outside to chat. Yangyang's biological mother wanted to take Yangyang back to her, but Liang Wei sternly refused. Zhou's mother came back from shopping for groceries early in the morning and saw Gu Yunfei waiting downstairs in the community again. This time he was wearing a suit and a luxury sports car. Zhou's mother didn't think he was rich, and even thought that his valuable suit and this luxury car were all rented. Zhou Ran was anxious to go to work, but he still didn't listen to his mother's words. Gu Yunfei sent Zhou Ran to work, but he still didn't give up chasing her.

Zhou Ran went to work and learned from Amy that Ye Rongxuan was resigning. She persuaded Ye Rongxuan not to leave Yiren. As long as he doesn't leave Yiren, she can help him. Zhou Ran's so-called method was to sacrifice herself and admit to the news media that she was the mistress who interfered with Ye Rongxuan and Dong Siyan's relationship. Zhou Ran loves Ye Rongxuan, and it doesn't matter if he is willing to degrade himself to dust for the sake of humble love. As a result, Zhou Ran's reputation was completely ruined, and she decided to resign and leave the company. Most people in the company knew that Zhou Ran was forced to do so, and she was not the kind of person who would do anything that would harm the company's interests. Everyone agreed that it was all Dong Siyan's fault. It was all her arrival that had turned the company into a mess.

Xiaofei went to pick up Yangyang from school. Yangyang's mother Qiao Yue finally couldn't help but show up and confess her identity to Xiaofei. Yangyang had no impression of Qiao Yue. As for the fact that she said she was his mother, Doubtful. At Qiao Yue's plea, Xiaofei agreed that Yangyang and Qiao Yue would spend some time together, but Yangyang asked Xiaofei to go too. In order to awaken her son's memory, Qiao Yue enthusiastically showed him photos of Yangyang's childhood.


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