Ye Rongxuan took Dong Siyan's hand and broke into the big house. He turned against his mother Zhang Yu because of her. He did not listen to his mother's explanation. He believed Dong Siyan's words when his mind was hot and thought that the mother who gave birth to him was a heinous person who broke up his relationship with Dong Siyan. Bad guy. Only then did Zhang Yu realize that Dong Siyan was far more terrifying than she imagined. After saying the break, Ye Rongxuan took Dong Siyan's hand to leave. Zhang Yu threatened that if he dared to leave, she would remove him from all positions in Yiren. Ye Rongxuan didn't care at all. It wasn't until Zhang Yu mentioned Zhou Ran that Ye Rongxuan hesitated. But it was only for a few seconds. He still took Dong Siyan's hand and left, as if yesterday's trip to Venice was just the same as Zhou Ran's previous sweetness. A ridiculous farce.

Zhou Ran and Xiao Fei chatted together, laughing and talking about their college years. Looking back on the past, it is full of joy and happiness. Zhou Ran returned home and saw Ye Rongxuan downstairs. She was very excited and happy. She bravely confessed her love to Ye Rongxuan and even kissed him. Ye Rongxuan's face was solemn, and he said that he could not love her. Zhou Ran's eyes immediately turned red. When he saw Dong Siyan next to his car, Zhou Ran understood everything instantly. Ye Rongxuan sent Dong Siyan home. Before he could go to Dong Siyan's home, he received a call and learned that the chairman was sick and was in the hospital for emergency treatment. Ye Rongxuan had no choice but to leave Dong Siyan and go to the hospital to see his mother. Dong Siyan called the paparazzi and said she would appear at the hospital with Ye Rongxuan soon.

Ye Rongxuan learned from Dr. Shen that Zhang Yu had undergone a major operation before. If it weren't for Zhou Ran's persuasion, she would not have had the surgery at all. Zhang Yu agreed to the surgery on the condition that Zhou Ran keep it secret, so Ye Rongxuan had no idea about it. While Zhang Yu was hospitalized, Zhou Ran was always taking care of him while working. Dong Siyan came over with a lunch box to express condolences, and said some words of self-blame that made Ye Rongxuan's sympathy and heartache. Ye Rongxuan is not very smart, but he probably thinks that Dong Siyan is very considerate of others. Zhou Ran also received a call and rushed to the hospital to visit Zhang Yu in the ward. Next is Zhou Ran's personal confession time, telling some obscure, broad and empty truths, corresponding to the beginning and ending of everyone in the play.

Zhou Ran returned to the community, and Gu Yunfei was waiting for her downstairs to confess his love to her. Zhou Ran felt that he was playing tricks on her, and she was completely shattered. As soon as she entered the house, she locked herself in the room and refused to explain to her mother. When the mother saw Gu Photography downstairs, she suspected that her daughter was in two boats, so she stayed outside her daughter's room until dawn. When Zhou Ran got up the next day, her mother told her not to be in the same boat and to get along well with Ye Rongxuan. Xiaofei and Liang Wei came back from watching the movie and met Zhao Zhongren. Zhao Zhongren self-righteously felt that Xiaofei and Liang Wei were not suitable and persuaded her to go home with him, but Xiaofei refused. Because of Ye Rongxuan's personal relationship, Yiren Magazine was pushed to the forefront, and many advertisers successively proposed to terminate the contract.

Director Ai Jia asked Ye Rongxuan to come up with a practical solution. If he couldn't come up with it, then Ye Rongxuan might not be able to hold the editor-in-chief position. Ai Jia also told Ye Rongxuan earnestly that Dong Siyan was not as simple as he thought and that Ye Rongxuan did not understand good people. Zhou Ran's mother saw the breaking news from Yu Ji and came to the company to make a fuss. Seeing this, Zhou Ran pulled her mother out to explain. The mother felt that it was her fault that her daughter was being manipulated emotionally by Ye Rongxuan, so she decided to sell the house and force Zhou Ran to leave the company no matter what.


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