Ye Rongxuan apologized to Zhou Ran, saying that he should not have lied to her. Zhou Ran was still angry. Ye Rongxuan said that wine has a best drinking time. After this time, the wine becomes sour. Zhou Ran could tell that he seemed to be talking about wine, but in fact he was talking about his past relationship with Dong Siyan, so he felt a little comforted. After eating, Ye Rongxuan threw the wine into the river, and he wanted to start over with Zhou Ran. The two went to the art exhibition together and became as close as lovers. Ye Rongxuan also borrowed someone else's guitar to play for Zhou Ran and sang to her in public. The smile on Zhou Ran's face never disappeared. They went up the bridge together and met a pair of old people with gray hair on their temples. The husband had amnesia, but the old man never left her. They joined hands until they grew old together.

The old man confirmed that Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan were lovers, so he gave them each a coin and said that making wishes on this boat would be very effective. After the old man left, Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan took the coins and made a wish together. After making their wishes, they threw the coins into the river together. Seeing Zhou Ran so happy, Ye Rongxuan promised to take Zhou Ran to Venice again next year. The candlelight dinner was also very exciting. Zhou Ran drank a lot of wine and was so happy that she wanted to fly. She and Ye Rongxuan danced to the music together. They kissed and hugged, and Ye Rongxuan said that he would always be by Zhou Ran's side. Zhou Ran came to his senses a little, but still felt that everything was fake. Ye Rongxuan once again assured that everything was true. The next day, Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan played the Book of Answers together.

The book of answers is thick, but seems to be accurate. The questions in their minds have all been answered satisfactorily in the Book of Answers. Dong Siyan decided to leave Yiren and return to France. When Gu Yunfei helped her pack her things, he saw a medical record and found out that she had been in a car accident and lost a child. Dong Siyan kept saying that she didn't want to embarrass Ye Rongxuan, so she didn't tell Ye Rongxuan about the child. Regarding the grudges three years ago, Dong Siyan also spoke out. Every word was an accusation against Ye Rongxuan's mother, Zhang Yu, for forcing Dong Siyan's father to transfer all Yiren's shares to the Ye family. Later, Dong Siyan's father took her away. , committed suicide by taking sleeping pills, and Dong Siyan lost her child in a car accident on the way to the hospital.

Zhao Qian's mother met with Xiao Fei and apologized to Xiao Fei for what Zhao Qian had done. The two have different views and definitions of relationships. Xiaofei doesn't have much feeling about the difference between marriage and love as she said, and he and she are very clear about it. Even a cup of coffee is paid for separately. As soon as the plane landed, Ye Rongxuan received a call from Gu Yunfei and learned the whole story. He went to retain Dong Siyan. Dong Siyan pretended to be forced to tell the truth, so Ye Rongxuan thought that Dong Siyan was forced to leave him by her mother three years ago, and there was an unborn child between the two, who was also forced to tell the truth. Yu was indirectly killed, and Dong Siyan's words aroused Ye Rongxuan's hatred for his mother.

It is conceivable that Ye Rongxuan will turn against his mother for Dong Siyan. Zhou Ran returned to the company and learned what happened between Zhao Qian and Xiao Fei, while Zhao Qian was alone on the top floor feeling sorry for herself. Zhou Ran upheld a responsible attitude, enlightened Zhao Qian, and said a lot of truths, hoping that Zhao Qian could get out of the dead end of self-pity and stop giving up on herself because of these things.


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