Zhou Ran happily went to Europe with Ye Rongxuan. Although the purpose of this trip was to work, Zhou Ran still had the mentality of gaining knowledge and having fun. Arriving in Venice, Europe, Zhou Ran was infected by the exotic customs here. Although she couldn't say anything about the sunset and the solitary bird flying together, "so beautiful" was also the truest feeling in her heart. Ye Rongxuan plans to open a fashion column after returning to China this time, with Zhou Ranlai in charge. Zhou Ran was very happy that Ye Rongxuan was entrusted with the important task. It is the peak tourist season in Venice, and hotel rooms are tight, so Zhou Ran can only squeeze into a room with Ye Rongxuan. While taking pictures, Zhou Ran received a call from Gu Yunfei and learned that he was going to confess to the person he liked. Zhou Ran wished him a successful confession.

Zhou Ran was in Venice with Ye Rongxuan at this time. Gu Yunfei's heart fell to the bottom. It was obvious that his planned confession in the evening was going to go to waste. Coincidentally receiving a call from Shen Xufei at this time, Gu Photography went to the designated place to meet Shen Xufei. Five years ago, Shen Xufei and his friends jointly established an environmental protection joint foundation. This year happens to be the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the environmental protection foundation, so he wants to invite celebrities and major media to make a grand event. Gu Yunfei is both Gu Photography, who shoots blockbusters for celebrity models, and Heng Xin, a great journalist who has published dozens of reports on environmental pollution. Except for Shen Xufei, few people knew about Gu Yunfei's identity as a reporter. Shen Xufei invited Gu Yunfei to attend, but after being rejected, he used Zhou Ran to threaten Gu Yunfei.

Zhou Ran took Ye Rongxuan to the art exhibition, but Ye Rongxuan was not interested in the art exhibition, and the two had a minor unpleasantness. When he returned to the hotel room in the evening, Zhou Ran went to take a shower first and accidentally fell down in the bathroom. Ye Rongxuan heard the noise and knocked on the door but didn't hear much response from Zhou Ran. He was very worried, so he opened the door and went in, covered Zhou Ran with his clothes, and carried her out of the bathroom. Dong Siyan thought of the past and decided to fight back. It happened that Zhang Yu had been discharged from the hospital, so she called Zhang Yu. Knowing that Dong Siyan was now the director of Yiren's model department, Zhang Yu was so anxious that he immediately asked someone to prepare a car to go to Yiren. Dong Siyan's goal was achieved, she angered Zhang Yu, and made it clear that her purpose of coming back this time was to fight back and avenge her dead father.

Zhang Yu dismissed Dong Siyan and asked the security guards not to let Dong Siyan into Yiren from now on. Although there was a small conflict, the relaxed atmosphere between Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan quickly returned to the past. Zhou Ran happily called Xiao Fei to ask for her opinion. Xiao Fei gave her advice and asked her to overcome strength with softness. Zhou Ran made up the plot in her mind. When she went out, she found that Ye Rongxuan had fallen asleep. She planned to secretly take his mobile phone to delete the photos just now, but accidentally saw the text message and discovered that there was still love between Ye Rongxuan and Dong Siyan. wine. Zhao Qian recognized Xiao Fei as a woman who was close to Zhao Zhongren, so she thought it was Xiao Fei who ruined her mother's love. Zhao Qian directly poured paint on Xiao Fei, causing quite a stir.

In order to stop his daughter from talking nonsense, the director slapped her twice. Zhao Qian cried bitterly and felt very wronged. Xiao Fei felt aggrieved. When she was with Zhao Zhongren, Zhao Zhongren had already divorced Zhao Qian's mother, so the breakdown of the marriage between Zhao Qian's parents was not caused by her at all. Ye Rongxuan went to retrieve the love wine alone, then called Zhou Ran and asked her to come to the restaurant for dinner when she woke up.


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