Seeing Ye Rongxuan and Dong Siyan getting out of the car together, Zhou Ran's heart was broken, and she pulled the suitcase and left. The next day, Zhou Ran handed the wedding dress to Xu Man and persuaded her a few words. Guo Rui was waiting outside the door, and that was all Zhou Ran could do for Guo Rui and Xu Man. After Zhou Ran left, Guo Rui ran into the house and opened up his heart outside Xu Man's room door. After he finished speaking, Xu Man remained silent inside the door. Guo Rui was heartbroken and was about to leave. But Xu Man was moved at this time and opened the door to stop Guo Rui who was about to leave. Xu Man's willingness to see her meant that she had forgiven him. Guo Rui hugged Xu Man excitedly and kept saying sorry.

Three days have passed. Zhao Qian told Ye Rongxuan that Zhou Ran was not the kind of villain who used tricks. She suggested that Ye Rongxuan go to Zhou Ran. Ye Rongxuan felt that Zhao Qian was right, so he took a bouquet of flowers to Zhou Ran's house to apologize to her, but was rejected. Zhou's mother said that girls need to be coaxed, so she gave the two of them enough space and went out to play mahjong. Ye Rongxuan apologized sincerely and explained that last time it was because he borrowed a coat for Dong Siyan to wear, so his mobile phone was in Dong Siyan's hand. Not long ago, he went to get information for Dong Siyan, so Dong Siyan appeared downstairs at his house. After the explanation was over, Zhou Ran's anger was mostly gone, and Ye Rongxuan took her out to eat.

While eating, Ye Rongxuan also installed a couple positioning software on Zhou Ran's mobile phone, and also installed one on his mobile phone, so that they could know each other's location at any time. Zhou Ran went to work as usual and learned from Zhao Qian that Dong Siyan had taken two days off because of a bad stomach and staying up late. Gu Yunfei was thinking about how to propose to Zhou Ran. After much deliberation, he decided to make an appointment at the restaurant for the evening. After making an appointment, he called Zhou Ran. Unexpectedly, Zhou Ran knocked on the door. The two really had a good understanding. Zhou Ran was here to pick up the puppy Lele this time, and secondly, she wanted Gu Photography to complete the shooting with her.

Although Ye Rongxuan made her angry, Zhou Ran could still distinguish between work and work. The shooting and interview work were carried out simultaneously. At first, the interview session went smoothly, and Liang Wei's answers were also very good. However, during the shooting, there were two models next to him, which made Liang Wei feel unnatural. With Xiao Fei's guidance and encouragement, Liang Wei finally completed the filming successfully. Dong Siyan continued to take one day off, and Ye Rongxuan asked Amy to prepare a fruit basket. He took the fruit basket to visit Dong Siyan. Dong Siyan received a call from the guard and learned that Ye Rongxuan was coming to see her. She specially put on makeup and changed clothes, waiting for Ye Rongxuan's arrival. But Ye Rongxuan knocked on the door, put the fruit basket at the door and left.

Back in the car, Ye Rongxuan called Dong Siyan, hoping that Dong Siyan would not blame Zhou Ran for her illness. Yangyang was exposed to alcohol-laced spray in the studio, causing an asthma attack. Liang Wei immediately sent Yangyang to the hospital. The filming was interrupted and we had to make another appointment. Gu Yunfei thought about many things and suspected that Dong Siyan had deliberately arranged the alcohol spray. He went to find Dong Siyan, who did not deny it. Gu Photography, who was worried, asked Zhou Ran to come out for a chat, and the two chatted for a while. Early the next morning, Ye Rongxuan called Zhou Ran and asked her to wait for him at the airport before eight o'clock. Zhou Ran arrived at the airport and was very excited when she learned that she was going to Europe with Ye Rongxuan.


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