In order to vent her anger on Zhou Ran, Xiao Fei deliberately added a lot of cumin and other things to the coffee. She made a big joke about how expensive the coffee beans in Jamaica were, and asked Dong Siyan to finish the coffee. Dong Siyan finally finished the coffee and talked about business, but Xiao Fei said to let Zhou Ran do the talking. Dong Siyan knew that Xiaofei meant to drive people away, so she left with a dark face. Afterwards, Xiaofei called Zhou Ran to tell him about it, and Zhou Ran felt very happy. When Liang Wei returned home, Xiaofei mentioned Yiren Magazine, but Liang Wei just wanted to concentrate on painting and did not want to be interviewed. Xiao Fei was about to persuade Liang Wei to see that the toilet was clogged, so he started to clear the toilet. He saw the bank card inside, which Zhao Zhongren gave to Xiao Fei, but she did not expect that she threw the card into the toilet.

Liang Wei felt happy and agreed to be interviewed by Yiren Magazine. There was some information that needed to be translated. Dong Siyan happened to have returned from studying abroad and was proficient in English and French. Zhou Ran deliberately threw a bunch of information to her for translation. Dong Siyan stayed up all night to translate the information. Zhou Ran took this opportunity to tell her that she was not the only one who knew how to play tricks. Ye Rongxuan came out to ask about coffee. Dong Siyan fainted in front of her on purpose, so Ye Rongxuan blamed Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan once again had a conflict over Dong Siyan. She thought she and Dong Siyan had a quarrel, and Ye Rongxuan always stood by Dong Siyan. Ye Rongxuan said that it was because Dong Siyan was kinder than her. This sentence completely broke Zhou Ran's heart. She couldn't help but rush out of the door and stay in a daze downstairs.

Gu Photography somehow learned that she was in a bad mood and appeared by her side to comfort and enlighten her. After drinking, he remembered that his mother's cold medicine was still at the company, so Gu Photography sent Zhou Ran back to the company. Zhou Ran met Dong Siyan who was about to leave in the company, and wondered why she was still here so late, but did not dig deeper. When she found that the planning information was missing, she thought of the accident on the catwalk, and Dong Siyan Zhou Ran immediately understood everything about what she did just now, but she didn't know why Dong Siyan did this. After getting the plan and going home, Dong Siyan called Ye Rongxuan. She said that she had completed the plan and would send it to various departments for filming and commissioning tomorrow.

Ye Rongxuan said he understood and kindly reminded her not to work so late in the future. In order to pave the way for the next day's frame-up, Dong Siyan told Ye Rongxuan that Zhou Ran had been drinking and his attitude towards her was not very good. Gu Photography sent Zhou Ran back to the downstairs of the community, but Zhou Ran persuaded him to go back. Zhou Ran was blowing air downstairs in the community to sober up, and received a call from Ye Rongxuan, but she did not have a good attitude towards Ye Rongxuan. When she went to work the next morning, Zhou Ran heard a lot of people talking. She ran to Dong Siyan's office and found that Dong Siyan's office was in a mess. Dong Siyan pointed out that Zhou Ran did it, and Zhou Ran countered that Dong Siyan stole the designer's drawings and was afraid of being discovered, so he took a preemptive strike. But Amy found the design draft in Zhou Ran's drawer.

As a result, everyone thought Zhou Ran was lying. Even Ye Rongxuan's eyes were full of blame when he looked at Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran was heartbroken and left the company with her bag. Guo Rui hoped that Zhou Ran could hand over the wedding dress in the suitcase to Xu Man for him. He also apologized to her for failing to fulfill his promise to Zhou Ran. As Guo Rui's ex-girlfriend, now she has to help him give the wedding dress to his current girlfriend and help him get his current girlfriend back. Zhou Ran can't help but feel a little sad in her heart, but at the same time, she also thinks that since Guo Rui can be brave, she can also be brave enough to find her. Ye Rongxuan explained clearly, but she once again saw Ye Dongsiyan and Ye Rongxuan getting off the same car.


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