During the catwalk, Dong Siyan appeared as the main model. The spotlight was on her alone, attracting everyone's attention. But at this moment, the heel of her high-heeled shoes suddenly broke. Everyone was in an uproar, and Ye Rongxuan took the initiative to help Dong Siyan up so that the show ended smoothly. Zhou Ran returned to the backstage and scolded Zhao Qian, who was in charge of the inspection. Zhao Qian cried and ran away after being scolded. Only then did Zhou Ran realize that she had gone too far. After the show, Dong Siyan held Zhou Ran accountable backstage, accusing her of being jealous that she was Ye Rongxuan's ex-girlfriend, so she deliberately tricked her on the show in order to force her to leave Yiren. Zhou Ran couldn't argue, but Ye Rongxuan came over and said that he should just let the matter go, and it wouldn't cause any damage anyway.

Zhou Ran felt aggrieved because she did not tamper with the shoes, and Ye Rongxuan did not pursue the matter, which made her feel that Ye Rongxuan already believed that he did it. Gu Photography enlightened Zhou Ran to clarify himself. When Zhou Ran understood, he would no longer feel aggrieved. After Zhao Qian was vented by Zhou Ran, she once again hung out with her friends in the bar. Zhou Ran went to find her, drank the wine passed by Zhao Qian's friend, and then took Zhao Qian back. Zhao Qian could see that Zhou Ran was really doing it for her own good, so she went home to sleep. The next day, the director showed Aishang's magazine to Ye Rongxuan. The topic of their next issue of the magazine was stolen by Aishang Magazine, so the topic selection for Yiren's new issue became an important issue that needed to be solved urgently.

Ye Rongxuan called Zhou Ran in and asked her to tell the people in the announcement and planning department to stop designing the topic and make announcements based on the new topic. Zhou Ran was probably worried that Ye Rongxuan was under too much pressure, and asked him not to be so stressed. She would make arrangements with the chairman and ensure that she would not see this. Kevin secretly told the director that the reason why entertainment reporters always photographed Ye Rongxuan and Dong Siyan together was because Dong Siyan provided this clue to the entertainment reporters. Under Zhou Ran's training, Zhao Qian grew up quickly, and the director was also very satisfied with her. The relationship between mother and daughter has been repaired, and Zhao Qian volunteered to ride home with her in the car after get off work in the evening. Zhou Ran came home from get off work and learned from his mother that Guo Rui had come to see him.

Zhou Ran seemed to understand why Guo Rui came to see her. She went out to find Xu Man to explain that she and Guo Rui had indeed been together, but they had broken up long ago. As for the hotel room last time, she rented it for Guo Rui's parents. Xu Man misunderstood Guo Rui. Xiaofei called Zhou Ran home because Zhao Zhongren contacted her. Zhou Ran felt very speechless. What Xiaofei wanted was to get married, but Zhao Zhongren had always just talked about it. Zhou Ran accidentally saw abstract paintings on Xiao Fei's bag. Xiao Fei took her to see Liang Wei's other works. These abstract paintings provided Zhou Ran with a lot of inspiration. She went back to Yiren to work overtime and make plans without eating, and then stayed at the company until nine in the morning.

After reading the plan, Ye Rongxuan agreed that the topic for the next issue should be based on the plan, but the details needed to be improved. However, Ye Rongxuan was not free. He had to attend a press conference to clarify the scandal between him and Dong Siyan. Zhou Ran heard Ye Rongxuan calling to go to Venice, and she shamelessly wanted to go with him. When she learned that Zhou Ran had come up with a new plan, she told Ye Rongxuan that she would be responsible for the plan together with Zhou Ran. Although Ye Rongxuan agreed, he still asked Dong Siyan to ask Zhou Ran's opinion first. As a result, Dong Siyan deliberately said in front of Zhou Ran that Ye Rongxuan arranged for her and Zhou Ran to be responsible for this planning. Later, she went to Liang Wei for an interview on behalf of Zhou Ran. It happened that Liang Wei was sending his children to school, and Xiao Fei was the only one at home. Xiaofei looked at the business card and realized that the woman in front of her was the green tea bitch Dong Siyan.


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