Ye Rongxuan quickly made a plan for the future in the company. He planned to make full use of VR technology to completely subvert traditional magazines. Ye Rongxuan's radical plan made everyone uncomfortable, but he declared that he was not discussing with everyone, but announced Will do this in the future.

At the end of the meeting, Zhou Ran cautiously suggested to Ye Rongxuan that vigorous reforms should also take care of everyone's emotions. Perhaps the communication is not sufficient. As long as you can explain your thoughts in detail to the employees, I believe they will understand and support them. Ye Rongxuan felt that Zhou Ran's idea was too naive. With the rise of various video accounts, if the reform is not accelerated, they will soon be eaten by the market. Ye Rongxuan's mother, Zhang Yu, heard about her son's reform plan and thought it was very good. Although she just came back from abroad, she was able to adapt very quickly in China.

Liang Wei went to participate in the art exhibition, but because he didn't get the invitation letter, he was rejected. He came outside the exhibition hall and saw many artists singing on the street. Dong Siyan just came out of shopping and saw artists selling and singing around her. She admired these people who worked hard for their dreams, and each gave a tip of 100 yuan. Liang Wei just opened the folder and wanted to improvise, but was suddenly appreciated by Dong Siyan. One hundred yuan tip.

Liang Wei didn't understand what the one hundred yuan meant. Dong Siyan lightly said that there was no more change, which was a great insult to Liang Wei. He chased after her and gave her the money. Dong Siyan turned pale with anger at this sentence, and scolded Liang Wei and walked away. Liang Wei was astonished by this barbaric move, and was even more impressed by it.

Dong Siyan and Zhao Zhongren have been secretly dating for a long time. She really hopes to become Mrs. Zhao, but Zhao Zhongren keeps procrastinating, and even turns pale with shock after hearing the news that Dong Siyan may be pregnant. Dong Siyan proposed to break up in a fit of anger, and called her sister that night, and temporarily borrowed the room of her sister's house.

Dong Siyan found a place to borrow in embarrassment. After knocking on the door, she saw that it was the down-and-out painter during the day. Liang Wei was also surprised to see Dong Siyan. During the day, she was still a glamorous socialite, Kuotai, but at night she was reduced to a homeless At this point, Liang Wei was very gentle and didn't say much.

Xu Man and Ye Rongxuan had been married since they were young. Their families were evenly matched, and they couldn't resist the pressure from their parents. Ye Rongxuan would occasionally sit and drink tea with Xu Man pretending to be on a blind date. The two grew up together and knew each other very well. They secretly discussed that they must make good achievements and get rid of their puppets as soon as possible. Ye Rongxuan found out that Xu Man had a boyfriend, and when he sent her back, he found that this new boyfriend was Guo Rui! Ye Rongxuan didn't talk about the embarrassment of meeting Guo Rui that day, but was worried about Xu Man.

Zhou Ran really wanted to be with Guo Rui, and even wrote the invitation card. He thought that the two of them could live forever, but unexpectedly, they were let go before they got married, and their mother even took gifts from friends. , and now I have become a complete joke. After get off work, Zhou Ran walked alone in the empty street, recalling every little thing he had with Guo Rui, he wanted to die.

Ye Rongxuan met Zhou Ran on the road. Seeing that she was out of her mind and worried about danger, he accompanied her to the playground. Zhou Ran came to the side of the Ferris wheel and looked at it with tears streaming down his face. He couldn't help saying that he thought there would be many opportunities Riding on the Ferris wheel with the one you love, I didn't expect it to become a luxury dream so soon. Zhou Ran ate barbecue and drank a lot of wine. When he was drunk, he kept calling Ye Rongxuan Guo Rui, condemning him for his dissatisfaction and shamelessness. Ye Rongxuan carried Zhou Ran who couldn't even walk on his back. Zhou Ran grabbed his ear and beat it hard.


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