Zhou Ran didn't spoil Zhao Qian like others, but instead impressed her and even gave her a CD of Zhou Ran's songs. Secretary Wang sent Zhou Ran a bunch of anti-fetal medicines according to the chairman's instructions. At first Zhou Ran didn't know what the medicine was, but it was Zhao Qian who found out that it was anti-fetal medicines. Only then did Zhou Ran realize that the chairman had learned about her from somewhere. pregnant. The chairman will have an operation tomorrow, but she doesn't plan to tell Ye Rongxuan. Anyway, Zhou Ran will take care of her. Secretary Wang said that she is becoming more and more satisfied with Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran threw the medicine into the trash can when no one was around, and then called Ye Rongxuan. The conversation between her and Ye Rongxuan was heard by Amy, who spread the word in the company, and soon everyone in the company knew that Zhou Ran was pregnant with Ye Rongxuan's child.

Dong Siyan was very unhappy and spoke to Zhou Ran with guns and sticks. Zhou Ran learned from Zhao Qian that the person who spread the news of her pregnancy throughout the company was Amy. Ye Rongxuan came to the company, called Zhou Ran into the office, and asked about the ins and outs of the matter. His opinion was to think about how to solve this matter, while Zhou Ran wanted to go out and explain to everyone that they were just a fake relationship. Ye Rongxuan then wanted to call the chairman, but Zhou Ran stopped him. Ye Rongxuan asked for the reason, but Zhou Ran didn't say. She couldn't tell him that the chairman was having surgery today. On balance, the two postponed the confession until the weekend. Logically speaking, Zhou Ran would be able to be her true self in two days, and she should be happy, but she felt lost.

Dong Siyan asked Ye Rongxuan to inspect several models she was optimistic about. Although Ye Rongxuan agreed, he also reminded her that the relationship between the two was just superior and subordinate. Xiaofei and Liang Wei went to the parent-child sports meeting held by Yangyang school together, and Yangyang had a great time. Although Yangyang was still young, he could tell that his father liked Sister Feifei, so he took the initiative to ask Sister Feifei if she liked his father. Xiaofei only thinks that others are brats and doesn't feel offended. It's just that things between adults are often more complicated. The contract was about to expire, and Zhou Ran plucked up the courage to invite Ye Rongxuan to dinner, but Ye Rongxuan rejected her because he had already made an appointment with Dong Siyan to see some models. Zhou Ran didn't know the reason for his refusal and just felt sad.

After looking at the models, Ye Rongxuan sent Dong Siyan home directly. Because of the strong wind, he asked Dong Siyan to put on his coat and go back. Zhou Ran had dinner with Gu Photography. She got very drunk and was sent home by Gu Photography. Gu Photography knew that she drank so much because of Ye Rongxuan, and he couldn't help asking Zhou Ran why he didn't make it clear to Ye Rongxuan. Not far away, Ye Rongxuan saw that Gu Photography and Zhou Ran seemed to have a very close relationship, and he was not in a very happy mood. Zhou Ran mustered up the courage to call Ye Rongxuan that night, but the person who answered the phone turned out to be Dong Siyan. She said that Ye Rongxuan was taking a shower. Adults all understood what this meant. Zhou Ran expressed his intrusion and hurriedly hung up the phone. She didn't know that Dong Siyan was lying and Ye Rongxuan was not there at all.

The chairman's surgery ended successfully, and Zhou Ran made up his mind to break up with Ye Rongxuan, but was rejected by him. Zhou Ran asked why, and Ye Rongxuan confessed his love to her. His words made Zhou Ran feel that he was a scumbag who had two things to do. However, Zhou Ran later explained to the chairman that her pregnancy was a misunderstanding, but did not say that her relationship with Ye Rongxuan was fake. On the day of the model show, Zhou Ran was busy as a supervisor, and Dong Siyan was actually one of the models.


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