Seeing how Ye Rongxuan and Dong Siyan matched up well at work, although Zhou Ran didn't agree with what his colleague said, he actually felt uncomfortable in his heart. She still owed Gu Photography a meal, so she went directly to have dinner with Gu Photography after work in the evening. As a result, she was completely drunk when she got home. Seeing how drunk she was, her mother asked Ye Rongxuan if he had sent her back. Although Zhou Ran was drunk, his mind was still somewhat clear. He lied and said that Ye Rongxuan had sent her back, but she didn't let him come up to disturb her mother's rest. Due to his indulgence the night before, Zhou Ran ate a lot, which made his stomach feel uncomfortable. He ran to the toilet many times at night and had no appetite for food the next day. He took a bun and went to the hospital sickly, but it was different. Mother said the real purpose of going to the hospital.

Dr. Shen took good care of Zhang Yu and specially made heart-warming porridge for her. Facing Zhang Yu's thanks, Dr. Shen said that it was not all because of Lao Ye that he treated her well. Zhou Ran opened the ward door and came in. Seeing Dr. Shen there, she subconsciously wanted to leave, but was stopped by Zhang Yu. But before he could say a few words, Zhou Ran ran to the bathroom to retching because of nausea. Zhang Yu felt strange and asked Dr. Shen to help identify what the medicine Zhou Ran brought was for. Doctor Shen looked at it and said with a smile that it was an anti-fetal medicine, so Zhang Yu mistakenly thought that Zhou Ran was pregnant with Ye Rongxuan's child, and now she was not even allowed to continue taking physical classes. His friend Xiao Fei was also sick. He received a call from her while lying in bed. After the two chatted for a few words, Zhou Ran listened to Xiao Fei and went on a shopping spree to vent his inner discomfort.

Liang Wei cooked porridge for Xiaofei and helped her clean up the room. Xiaofei couldn't help but wonder if he wanted to fuck her. Liang Wei admitted half-truthfully, but Xiaofei's reaction immediately made him change his mind. Xiaofei returned to normal and soon received news that she had obtained a job. Zhou Ran was shopping in the mall, and Ye Rongxuan called her several times, but she didn't answer any of them. When the balance in the card was insufficient, Zhou Ran called Ye Rongxuan back. Dong Siyan went to see Gu Photography. After the two chatted about Ye Rongxuan and Zhou Ran, Dong Siyan expressed her intention to invite him to be the main photographer. Ye Rongxuan learned that Zhou Ran was in trouble at the mall. He rushed to the mall without saying a word and helped her pay for the things she bought, but he didn't understand why Zhou Ran bought these things.

After Zhou Ran quarreled with him, she discovered that he had misunderstood that she was pregnant, and she angrily explained that she was not pregnant. The misunderstanding was resolved, and Ye Rongxuan only thought it was funny. In order to calm Zhou Ran down, Ye Rongxuan generously invited her to eat. Sissi dresses up in fancy clothes and her mother forbids her to go out. Sissi refused to obey and escaped from the house without permission. Zhao Zhongren found his daughter in the bar, brought her back, and had a quarrel with his wife. All this was seen by Sissi, and she was heartbroken. Gu Photography gave Zhou Ran something, and Zhou Ran secretly sighed, it would be great if Ye Rongxuan was as careful as Gu Photography. The director called Zhou Ran to the office and wanted Zhou Ran to take care of his daughter Zhao Qian for him. Although Zhou Ran felt it was inappropriate, she accepted the director's arrangement after she politely declined to no avail.

Zhao Qian therefore felt that Zhou Ran was being taken advantage of. Her mother had found several people to take her, but no one was willing. Unexpectedly, when it was Zhou Ran's turn, she actually agreed. Zhou Ran dutifully showed Zhao Qian the plan and controlled her behavior.


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