Dong Siyan brewed a jar of bitter water with her own hands, and she wanted everyone in the Ye family to taste it. Ye Rongxuan drives a racing car to vent, and after venting, he will become the calm Ye Rongxuan again. After breaking up with Xu Man, Guo Rui became depressed. He even stopped eating or drinking and drank all day long to drown his sorrows. He couldn't listen to a word his parents said. Her daughter Sissi smokes and dresses in strange ways. These are not what make her most angry. What makes her most angry is that her daughter got involved with a school teacher and was expelled from school. The mother and daughter quarreled and became tense. Sissi blamed her parents for not taking care of her in the past nineteen years and insisted that the relationship between herself and her teacher was love. Upon hearing this, her mother became furious and slapped her daughter.

Zhao Zhongren went into the room to teach his daughter, but she criticized him. It turned out that Zhao Zhongren was irresponsible to the family. She had long known that there was another woman outside, but she just didn't tell her mother the secret. The company decided to hire Dong Siyan as the head of the model department. Dong Siyan proposed that Zhou Ranlai be responsible for supervising the show. Zhou Ran had no problem and just listened to the company's arrangements, but to be honest, she was not very happy to cooperate with Dong Siyan, but this was the company's arrangement after all, and she had no reason to say no. When Amy learned that Dong Siyan was going to marry Yiren, she inevitably muttered something in Zhou Ran's ear, "I only see the new person smiling, but not the old person crying." Zhou Ran didn't care on the surface, but in fact he listened to it in his heart.

Dong Siyan pretended to shake hands with Zhou Ran and explained that she and Ye Rongxuan were in the past. Zhou Ran remained polite and peaceful on the surface, but Amy could tell that Zhou Ran had been completely defeated in this confrontation. Zhou Ran was in a bad mood because of this, and Ye Rongxuan explained and apologized to her. He also said that he would treat her to dinner at noon to make up for not sending her flowers today. Sure enough, after a few words of coaxing, Zhou Ran became happy and the corners of his mouth never turned down. Guo Rui sent his parents to board the plane. He had thought about a lot these days. He had done too many wrong things in order to succeed. Now he had decided to resign, but his colleagues told him a surprising news. His design for the Starlight Stadium was adopted, and with this design he could join the ranks of first-class designers.

Xu Man had obtained these for him. Because of his plan, Xu Man had been socializing and drinking with others some time ago. Guo Rui ran to Xu Man's house and apologized sincerely to her, but Xu Man did not come out to see him, nor did she choose to forgive him. Zhou Ran made an appointment with Xiao Fei at noon, but did not go to dinner with Ye Rongxuan, so Dong Siyan took advantage of the situation and invited Ye Rongxuan to dinner on the grounds that she had a lot to study. There were twenty-eight tables in front, so Zhou Ran took Xiaofei to carve time because Ye Rongxuan had reserved a seat there, but he didn't expect to see Ye Rongxuan and Dong Siyan eating together. A picture of venting her anger flashed through her mind, but the reality was that she didn't do anything, didn't let Ye Rongxuan know that she had been here, and left silently with Xiao Fei.

Dong Siyan asked about the relationship between Ye Rongxuan and Zhou Ran. After listening to Ye Rongxuan's words, Dong Siyan knew that he was serious about Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran did a lot for Ye Rongxuan behind the scenes, but Xiao Fei only felt that she was not sober. Xiao Fei received a call from Liang Wei and learned that Yang Yang was missing for no reason. After some analysis and search, she and Liang Wei found Yang Yang in the airport lounge. It turns out that the school's parent-child sports meeting will be held soon, and Yangyang wants to go abroad to find his mother, because he doesn't want people to say that he is a child without a mother. Xiaofei understood Yangyang very well and decided to go to the parent-child sports meeting with Yangyang.


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