When Zhou Ran went to take care of the chairman, he accidentally saw Xu Man lying in the ward. From Xu Man's doctor, she learned that she and her boyfriend had an argument and then had a car accident. Until now, her boyfriend has not come to the hospital to see her. Zhou Ran ran to Xu Man's house and told Guo Rui about Xu Man's car accident. Seeing Guo Rui's self-destruction, he poured water on him to wake him up.

Guo Rui ran to the hospital, but Xu Man's father blocked the door of the ward and angrily accused Guo Rui of living up to his hopes. If it wasn't for Xu Man's liking for him, he would have fired him long ago. Xu Man heard the voice and asked her father to give them some space. Xu Man and Guo Rui solemnly proposed to break up. Xu Man felt very tired of getting along with Guo Rui. The different lifestyles, the incomprehension of his parents, the mutual misunderstanding between the two, and more What's more, Guo Rui is interested in her family, not out of true love.

Chen Fei went to see Zhao Zhongren. This time Zhao Zhongren took out the diamond ring. Chen Fei was very surprised and asked him if he would finally agree to get married. Zhao Zhongren said that marrying her was a lifelong dream and just hoped that she would wait two more years. Chen Fei couldn't understand what the difference was between two years earlier and two years later. Zhao Zhongren's explanation was that he had experienced the daily necessities of marriage, and the love stage was the most beautiful. Chen Fei felt that Zhao Zhongren's idea was very absurd, not to mention her. What I want is not a relationship at all but a destination. Now Zhao Zhongren still didn't want to get married, which made Chen Fei very hurt. When she got home, she silently locked herself in the bedroom. Liang Wei and her children both noticed that she was in bad condition.

On the balcony, Liang Wei played the harmonica to Chen Fei. The cool wind blew through, and Chen Fei felt much calmer. She always found peace and tranquility by Liang Wei's side. Chen Fei couldn't help but lean her head against Liang Wei.

Dong Siyan called Zhou Ran again and asked her to have tea with her. She had suffered from Dong Siyan before, but Dong Siyan said on the phone that she would tell her something about Ye Rongxuan, so Zhou Ran couldn't help but go to the appointment. This time Dong Siyan said that it would be Ye Rongxuan's birthday in a week. She prepared a gift and hoped that Zhou Ran could transfer this gift to Ye Rongxuan. Dong Siyan vowed that the filming activity was over and that she would leave the city and never see Ye Rongxuan again. There will be no contact. He also wished Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan eternal happiness. The kind-hearted Zhou Ran softened his heart again. After hearing Dong Siyan's words, he thought that he was standing between them, preventing the couple who were originally very compatible to get back together.

On Ye Rongxuan's birthday, Zhou Ran not only gave Ye Rongxuan two small dolls, but also took out the gift that Dong Siyan asked her to deliver. She was selfless and asked Ye Rongxuan and Dong Siyan to meet again to make things clear. Ye Rongxuan took the chocolate and recalled that he gave Dong Siyan many years ago. Lots of chocolates to make her happy, and I want her to feel the sweetness of life all the time.

Ye Rongxuan went to Dong Siyan's home, returned the chocolates, and invited Dong Siyan to work as the clothing director of his company. However, their relationship was limited to work. Ye Rongxuan made it very clear. Dong Siyan laughed at herself. When she came to Shanghai this time, she originally thought she could ease her relationship with Ye Rongxuan, but she still couldn't save the relationship.


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