Xu Man cooked a lot of dishes at home and waited for Guo Rui to come home. After waiting for a long time, he didn't wait, and he was not in the service area when he called. Xu Man couldn't bear it and called Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran came happily. Xu Man questioned Zhou What did Ran and Guo Rui mean? Zhou Ran saw Xu Man getting emotional and immediately explained that she and Guo Rui had been in love, but they had no relationship now. Xu Man tearfully asked Zhou Ran to return Guo Rui to her. Zhou Ran However, after hearing these words, she was inexplicably confused. Now she didn't know where Guo Rui was. Xu Man didn't believe Zhou Ran, thinking that Zhou Ran was still asking for Guo Rui's address last night. How could he not know where Guo Rui was. Xu Man said the name of the hotel, and Zhou Ran suddenly understood what was going on. Just as she was about to explain, Xu Man splashed the water from the glass in her face.

Zhou Ran was originally going to invite Ye Rongxuan to dinner that day, but when they were about to arrive at the restaurant, Dong Siyan called Ye Rongxuan and asked him to rescue her quickly. After that, she hung up the phone. Ye Rongxuan heard that something was wrong and wanted to rescue her. He only lied to Zhou Ran, saying that he was going to see a client. As a result, when he rescued Dong Siyan from the turmoil, he happened to meet the unhappy Zhou Ran.

Zhou Ran was already upset. When she saw that Ye Rongxuan went to see her girlfriend behind her back, she became even more angry. It seemed that everyone could hurt her and deceive her. When Ye Rongxuan saw Zhou Ran, he immediately explained to her that Zhou Ran Ran no longer cared, and deliberately sarcastically said that they had a contractual relationship anyway, and there was no need to report to the other party where they wanted to go.

Xu Man returned home. Late at night, Guo Rui came back drunk. Xu Man wanted to ask him where he had been. Guo Rui felt that what he had done was opposed by his parents, and he had no confidence in his heart. He simply gave up on himself. When Xu Man asked him about his relationship with Zhou Ran, During the relationship, Ye Rongxuan deliberately claimed that he was cheating on her at that time. It was time to talk about marriage with Zhou Ran, but he felt that there was no future with Zhou Ran, so he proposed to break up.

Guo Rui talked about herself very badly, and Xu Man was even more heartbroken. It turned out that what Guo Rui liked was her family background and generous living conditions. Guo Rui didn't defend herself. Xu Man ran out sadly and drove like crazy on the road. There was a car accident on the road.

When Zhou Ran heard that the chairman was missing in the hospital, he rushed to the hospital immediately. The doctor thought that the chairman must be afraid of surgery. Zhou Ran found the chairman at the emergency exit. The chairman admitted that the surgery was dangerous and that she had many things to do. It didn't do anything, and more importantly, it didn't help Ye Rongxuan gain a foothold in the company. Zhou Ran knows that parents all over the world love their children, but children naturally hope to be accompanied by their parents for a long time. If he had to choose between his company and his mother, I believe Ye Rongxuan would definitely advise his mother to undergo surgery in time, and not wait until it is irreparable. It's time to regret it. The chairman was moved by Zhou Ran's words and finally agreed to have the surgery, but she smiled and entrusted Zhou Ran with her signature on the surgery risk notification form in the name of her family. Zhou Ran understood her mood and held his hands tightly together.


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