Zhou Ran called Guo Rui, but he didn't expect that it was Xu Man who picked up the phone. Zhou Ran asked where Guo Rui was. Xu Man didn't dare to reply and immediately hung up the phone. Zhou Ran was confused and directly sent a hotel message to Xu Man. The name, this hotel is the hotel where Guo’s father and Guo’s mother lived.

Xu Man was completely confused. She went out to make an appointment with Dong Siyan again, hoping to find out the reason from Dong Siyan, but Dong Siyan confused right and wrong and said that what Xu Man wanted was the truth. Now there was definitely something wrong. On the way back, Xu Man recalled every moment she had spent with Guo Rui and felt that she had been played.

When the chairman saw the new magazine that Ye Rongxuan sent this time, she found that the style was unique and the entire magazine was very distinctive. She praised Ye Rongxuan and then asked the servant to throw away the magazine that contained Dong Siyan's photos. Ye Rongxuan once promised not to meet Dong Siyan again until the cooperation is over. Now that he has really finished shooting the entire brand, it is time to fulfill his promise. Ye Rongxuan reassures his mother.

Gu Yunfei invited Zhou Ran to drink coffee and apologized for persuading Zhou Ran to break up with Ye Rongxuan yesterday. Gu Yunfei was also very good, had a career, a lot of money, and a very pleasant appearance, but he always regretted that his relationship was not perfect. In fact, when he met Zhou Ran At the first glance, Gu Yunfei knew clearly that he had found the girl he liked. He was very sad when he saw Zhou Ran and Ye Rongxuan always falling in love and killing each other, and when he saw his friend Dong Siyan always feeling sad.

Zhou Ran was looking through the photos he had taken with great interest at Gu Yunfei's house, holding a cup of coffee in his hand. Gu Yunfei thought this scene was very good and immediately took a photo of Zhou Ran. Zhou Ran couldn't help but laugh. She was not a celebrity. , is not a professional model, but Yunfei is not willing to waste film. In any situation, Yunfei wanted to express his feelings, but Zhou Ran quickly changed the topic and found a reason to leave.

After get off work, Xu Man came to Guo Rui and wanted to go home together. Guo Rui had something on his mind and found an excuse to go there. Xu Man followed him quietly in his car and saw Guo Rui really going to the hotel. She originally walked upstairs, found the room number, put her hand on the doorknob to catch J, but her cultivation did not allow her to do so, and Xu Man left in tears.

Guo Rui's parents scolded their son and wanted him to rein in the situation and restore his relationship with Zhou Ran in time. Guo Rui told his parents not to get involved anymore. He and Zhou Ran were no longer possible, and what happened in the past had become a foregone conclusion. Guo Rui's parents didn't believe it, and even went to Zhou Ran's company to see Zhou Ran to ask her if she had feelings for Guo Rui.

The chairman suddenly fainted. Zhou Ran ran to the hospital immediately after receiving a call from the chairman's assistant. The chairman had been feeling uncomfortable these days and escaped after rescue. Zhou Ran went to visit the ward and accidentally saw Dr. Shen facing the hospital bed. The comatose chairman confessed that the old man was sincere and asked the chairman to take good care of himself. Later, other rescue situations occurred. Dr. Shen was hurriedly called away by the nurse. Zhou Ran saw that the chairman was not unconscious. After Dr. Shen was called away, he was ready to go through the discharge procedures. She coquettishly pulled the chairman and asked her to continue. He was kept in the hospital and promised not to tell Ye Rongxuan. The chairman was amused by Zhou Ran's expression and finally agreed to receive treatment in the hospital.

Ye Rongxuan met Guo Rui's parents in the company, and after guessing their purpose, he deliberately said that Zhou Ran was now his fiancée, which completely stopped Guo Rui's parents. Zhou Ran returned to the company and heard Ye Rongxuan's message. He greatly appreciated Ye Rongxuan's rescue and was willing to reward him with a meal.


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